An Amazing Day at the Met

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Interview on ReadyPhotoSite

A new short interview went up yesterday over at ReadyPhotoSite.  It’s a short and sweet one.

Daily Photo – An Amazing Day at the Met

On Sunday, I set aside about six hours to spend alone at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.   Most of you may know by now how I am obsessed with the Impressionists.  Don’t ever go to a museum with me, because I will bore you for hours on end with strange tidbits.  Anyway, the Met has a fantastic collection that kept me busy most of the time…  It’s rather nice of them to hang on to my paintings for me.  One day, when I get some time, I’m going to make a little page here and show some of my favorites.

The Man would not let me take a tripod inside, so that was unfortunate.  I did manage to do a few hand-held HDRs however… here is one that I have processed thus far.

An Amazing Day at the Met

  • This is great. Hand held with no support at half a second? You msut have Terminator arms. I usually use benches and handrails in art museums. Darn no tripod rule!
    Here is a link to some images I have taken at the Nelson Atkins Art Museum in KC, Mo.
    If you are ever in KC, its a must see for you.

  • oops… thats astounding….

    is this done with a 14-24 wide angle lens?

    On the same note, I had a quick question: Do you think with a D90 the 14-24mm wide angle would make sense? (considering the fact that d90 is not FX or full frame and 14 -24 would translate as 21 – 36).

    I read in many blogs that 14-24mm would not be put to best use using a DX camera.

    Confused!!!!! 🙁

  • Wow what steady arms you have! Looks tack sharp to me.

  • why are people so anti tripods

  • Do you think to have a blog with works that have no HDR?
    That would be great too.

    BTW, your old works have more density about the HDR effect? Recent works seemed better to me, better balanced.

  • Great shot! Almost a tilt-shift feel to it.

  • Your HDRs with lots of people are always the most impressive. I’m always amazed at the amount of masking you do with them and how seamless it looks.

  • that’s a great picture. I like the mix that this pictures envokes: It looks real (the people) and also surreal (the walls), a great mix. The movement of some people adds more atmosphere to it. Great work.

  • Awesome!

  • casusan

    I like this one – lots of things going on – glad you enjoyed your day so much!

  • Matthew – I checked out your photos on flckr, great job. My Dad grew up in Bates County, MO, and moved to Michigan in the early 1900’s, around 1917 I think. He was born in 1885!! He couldn’t sell his mules, so he and his two oldest children(whom I heard the story from) drove up to Mich. in a covered wagon with the mules. So I still have relatives in MO, but have not seen them since I was a kid. Anyway, so I have a close connection to MO.
    Trey, great photo of the Metro. Bet that is an absolutely wonderful Art museum to visit!!! Your photo really shows how massive just one section of it is!!!! Thanks for sharing!

  • Trey,

    It’s good to see you managed to work around the Manhattan-wide tripod ban (or it seemed that way to me when I was there a couple of weeks ago) 🙂


    If you’re looking for a good ultra-wide for use with your D90, take a look at the Sigma 10-20mm. It’s not as sharp or as fast as the wonderful Nikon 14-24mm but it gives you a true ultra-wide on a DX body and costs about 1/4 of what the Nikon lens does. I have one and use it a great deal.

  • I love the texture and colors of this place. Nice shot!

  • Steve K

    As a new monopod owner, I’m wondering if you or any readers can comment on whether the anti-tripod rules extend to monopods, too.

  • Thanks Gail, that is an awesome story. It is always fascinating to hear old family history.

  • Wow!
    Is this a hand held 5 shot HDR image?
    Your steady arms impress me!

  • Thanks very much! 🙂

    Hehe yes handheld 5 shot HDR — I did my best on zen breathing.

    Sathya – yes this is the sweet 14-24 !

  • That is very cool! Excellent colors, not overdone, just so awesome!! And it has a tilt-shift feel to it too. Man I love this one!!

  • This is excellent! I really like the final HDR – it is subtle but works quite well. I really like the motion blur of the people!

  • Great HDR. I thought the Met had said that a tripod was ok, or did they change their minds?

  • No tripod? Bet no Starbucks either. Great image. I love the symmetry and tones. When you’re in Chicago let’s head over to the Art Institute and check out their Impressionist collection. I’ll buy lunch. Have a great holiday.
    bsimak, formerly Bruce

  • D Williams

    these shots are FANTASTIC thank you for sharing them w/ us!

  • Thanks everyone!

    J Howe – well, they said it was okay – just not on the weekends…

    bsimak – Yes – that is a great one – I’ve been in the Art Institute of Chicago about 6 times!

  • I love this~ you totally captured the majesty of the architecture.

  • Jack Rice

    Impressive use of the handheld HDR, worked well and well masked also. I like the contrast between the bustling activity of the people in the hall, and that those great domed ceilings, architectually rich in design.

    The chap in the red jumper in the right corner really stands out – purposeful? 😛

    Also nice little interview.

  • Many of the places I visited (St. Patrick’s Cathedral, Rockefeller Center, etc.) which banned tripods were happy for people to use Gorillapods or mini-tripods so make sure you have one of these if you intend shooting HDR and have shakier hands than Trey apparently does.

  • Very impressive Trey. I can particularly appreciate as I recently shot in DC’s Smithsonian Museums, Library of Congress, etc.

  • I am pretty sure you can use a tripod at the Met on weekdays during the day. Impressive shot btw.

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