The mysterious bridge to the fantastic forest

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I posted links to the Facebook Events for the book launch a few days ago. I’ve gotten some email that not everyone has Facebook. So, I will endeavor to copy all that info to a webpage here when I get the chance. For now, just pencil in the dates — I look forward to meeting you! And yes, I’m sorry it’s just in those cities… but I’ll be traveling around a bit and we might just have surprise photowalks here and there!

Daily Photo – The mysterious bridge to the fantastic forest

I think if I were in charge of building little bridges, I would give them all a fairy-tale touch. And, of course, I would put cool glowing lights all over it and other mysterious ones underneath. Even better, I’d try to make sure it was dusk all day long so there could be just a touch of ambient daylight remaining. You guys probably think I’m crazy, but I always really like that time of night when the lights first flickr on…  it’s a nice feeling.

The Mysterious Bridge with the Green Glow Underneath

  • Great one Trey. Where was it, Japan?

  • Ah, I see in the title now. Wow to Texas.

  • casusan

    Oh how pretty! Yes, I like that time of day too – it’s hard to catch though! Super Trey!

  • samuel

    your photos never fail to make me gasp but this one really is immense

  • fenraven

    I love the mood in this one, and the cool twilight colors. The lantern adds a particularly nice focal point and additional source of light.

  • Alex

    Just discovered your work. Heard you on TWIP. Downloaded Photomatic to mess around a bit. Should be fun. Great shot here!!

  • Wow, this is one of my favorites, Trey!!! Very beautiful and mysterious, indeed!!! I love it!!!!!!!!!!!! I missed the facebook events, which day did you post them?????????

  • Facebook User

    Are the fairies, pixies and gnomes keeping away the trolls?

  • I like the curve of the water as it move towards the cool looking bridge.

  • LOL! “…the lights first FLICKR on…” Did you do that on purpose or was it a slip? haha

    AWESOME photo, love the colors and the feeling I get from it! 🙂

  • Wassim

    Great one, I wish you’d cloned out that little pipe end by the left corner of the photo, it takes away from the “naturalism” of the picture.

  • Jack Rice

    Wow, a really bizarre yet amazing photograph. The lighting is quite amazing, the stream-like thing with those pebbles looks like fish scales, whether that’s intentional or not, gives it that really natural look, yet mixed with the extraordinary around it. Great shot.

  • Very nice, though too dark.

  • WOW!

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