Trees and an Aircraft Carrier in the Fog

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Topaz Adjust and Noiseware

It’s been a while since I mentioned these great products! I used both of them in the image below; the former was for sharpening and the latter was for noise reduction. I also used Noiseware on the Tokyo photo from yesterday. To find out more and get coupon codes, check out the Topaz Adjust Review and the Noiseware Review.

Daily Photo – Trees and an Aircraft Carrier in the Fog

The time I spent in San Diego was very moody and covered in fog. I went down to the shore one night to spy the USS Midway. The fog was pea-soup thick and it gave the environs quite the mood. I found these amazing trees nearby that seemed wonderfully illuminated against the glow from the aircraft carrier.

Trees and an Aircraft Carrier in the Fog

  • casusan

    Here I am again – and it’s ‘oh wow’ again! Beautiful shot – this is one of those I would probably look at when I was there – but not think to photograph it – wonderful Trey!

  • Nothing like some serious gratuitous use of military hardware.

    I think backlighting a few trees is an excellent use of US taxpayer funds ! 🙂

  • At first glace I though that as a huge UFO rising out of the fog! Nice shot!

  • Hi Trey,

    Nice colours, particularly the sky.

    All the best


  • Neat photo, Trey!!!! The fog always makes everything look mysterious. The trees really add to the photo, beautiful colors. Thanks for sharing!!

  • At first I noticed the trees and then the ship just popped out of the background. This was stunning.

  • Thanks!

    Yes the colors were so strange… I think you will see more of this when I post future pics of just the aircraft carrier

  • Jack Rice

    Great photo, does have that really odd haze in the background, but then also the trees seem to be fairly sharp. A rather odd, yet nonetheless stunning photo.

    Tried both Topaz Adjust and Noiseware, both splendid products, highly recommended also – good shout.

  • You really have to do the whole tour of the Midway. It is definitely worth the time. I was fortunate enough to do it via a sailboat cruise from the Yacht Club. We tied up on the rail of the Abracadabra and Stars and Stripes. You need to take the day cruise on one of them also. On my next trip on AMTRAK to Solana Beach I intend to de-train at San Juan for a brief photo-op before resuming the trip.

  • Daryl – Yes I would love to go on board the USS Midway – by the time I got there, it was closed…. major bummer!

  • Great contrast. Quite funny too.

  • Trey: my photo-op with a sail boat at the Midway was with an ISO 80 Olympus. Aaarrgghh. The sailboat was “well stocked” so by the time we got back to the yacht club about midnight we were a “happy crew”. The racers “Abracadabra” and “Stars and Stripes” are avialable for rent. I did get one memorable picture looking straight up at the end of the flight deck of the carrier and up the mast of our sailboat as we went by. Also got some skyline shots. Call me “Butch”.

  • This looks like a scene from District 9, except more vibrant. Thank you, Trey, for inspiring me.

  • I love this image.

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