Zipping Through Tokyo, and a Live Video Chat with you on Thursday!

Live Video Chat on Thursday!

This Thursday, November 19th, at 7 PM CST (5 PM PST), I’ll be hosting a live video chat here on the site! I’ll also be making a special announcement at the beginning of the chat. You don’t need anything special, just come to that page! You’ll see my live video mugshot along with Sara Jane Todd from Peachpit. There is a chat window where you all can ask questions, and Sara Jane will pull random ones and ask me… I’ll answer to the best of my ability! This is all QUITE experimental, so I hope you come along to join us! And please, don’t crash my server like that night we opened the Workshop for registrations!


We have a newsletter going out today. It’s a free thing to sign up for and it will make your inbox pretty! It’s a great way to share photos with friends and family. Also, this is very interesting — someone sent me this full “analysis” of our newsletter! Hehe. It is entitled “Is it Ever OK to Break Best Practices?” I know that most users here have a high screen resolution, good bandwidth, and enjoy seeing big, pretty pics. I can’t make everyone happy, but we decided to keep that newsletter pretty big and bold!

Daily Photo – Zipping Through Tokyo

I think it rained almost every day I was in Tokyo, but that’s just fine with me. It gives you all these “Black Rain” conditions, and makes the place twice as moody as it already was. I walked through Rappongi one evening to find a secret Italian restaurant. I ended up having to cross the road so many times on these overpasses, that I finally decided to stop and take a photo of the action underneath.

Zipping Through Tokyo

  • casusan

    cool shot Trey – soo crystal clear for rain! Looking forward to Thurs night – I’ll be here! So fun to have all these things we can participate in on your site!

  • Wow, awesome photo! Is it a multiple exposure sequence?

    I read through that Newsletter analysis. I think what you’re doing is good: most of the readers should be viewing the newsletter on high resolution displays :).

  • Granted the newsletter’s a bit wide for laptop users but hey I have a Logitech mouse with side-scrolling scroll button. No problems that way.

  • Hi Trey,

    Great photo, colours, composition, superb.

    Good luck with the video chat, unfortunately i’m going to be travelling back to England for a long weekend, to celebrate my dad’s 80th birthday, no contest i’m afraid, anyway, hope you get some great questions.

    All the best


  • hello trey,

    i live in manhattan,where and when do you think you will be shooting?

  • I love the long red streaks against the black of the street. The colors on the buildings are pretty amazing as well. Nice shot!

  • What monitor is this guy using? I wasn’t aware that the the screen on my imac was particularly huge, yet everything fits perfectly and looks wonderful! and my ipod has no trouble displaying your newsletters of the site. Also, how can you have loads of great content and a small file size? Besides, most readers are photo-minded people, and probably have relatively big monitors anyway….

    Nice shot too! I adore anything with light trails. do you think its possible to do HDR with star trails?

  • also that “of” should be an “or” ; )

  • So. Freaking. Cool!

  • Thanks all! Very nice of you.

    Dan – which Of??? hehe

    Eugene – yes this is 5 exposures

  • Great Shot, I love the streaks!

  • in my comment, where it says “newsletters of your site”
    but yeah, i think i’ll try the star trail shot, could be an interesting project

  • Facebook User

    Wow Trey! I think this has crept up into my top 5 of your photos. I love the colors in this photo.

  • It is hard process HDR photo at night…with noise..but your photo so clean

  • Hey Trey, this is completely not related to photography but I know you will enjoy it. The government stimulus has errors? 😛

  • WOW! This is awesome.

  • Wow, awesome photo!! I’ll be visiting Beijing and Shanghai next month, so I’m planning on getting a bunch of night shots… 🙂

  • Thats awesome! it reminds me of a Final Fantasy Game!

  • Jack Rice

    The live chat will sure to be a gooden, hopefully I’ll be available, but it’s about 1pm GMT, so not sure whether those of us across the pond will all be able to make the most of this, but hope it goes well!

    As I was scrolling down the page I first though, is this one not HDR, and you get that wonderfully murky sky, and creep down slowly to those skywalks and roads, a bizzare overlapping mesh. And then beautifully you come to those light streaks, with the still movement as well of the parked cars, almost juxtaposing the movement of the cars on the road. Brilliant.

  • favorite

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