Where the Sky is Torn Asunder

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Daily Photo – Where the Sky is Torn Asunder (deep southern Andes, not far from Ushuaia)

The morning sun sprayed orange across the top of Fitz Roy, and I could feel those sharp tips slicing into the cold sky. It was really an unbelievable experience being there at the perfect time; I feel very lucky indeed.

Where the Sky is Torn Asunder

  • casusan

    Oh wow! How magestically beautiful – thanks for taking me there as always!

  • Breath taking spires and fantastic light.

  • morning is the perfect time to see how beautiful is our world and a perfect time for HDR

  • You nailed that one Trey! As usual.
    I am surprised that the sky is so clear with all that ice.
    Thanks for giving it too us 😉

  • WOW. Nothing like the orange light from sunrise. Great pic, Trey!

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  • Adi

    Amazing, and spacial for me also because I’m gonna be there in a two month.
    How many exposures did you do took to create the HDR (I’ll be very happy to know some more details like what is the best time to take pictures over there and what is the best exposure bias I should use…).


  • Nigel

    One of your best so far Trey, what an amazing location and perfect timing.

  • Wow, fantastic color and detail – you must have been really high up (and cold) to get this fantastic shot!!

  • I like is because is “clean”, simple and powerful at the same time.

  • Jack Rice

    Really does just slice into the sky, especially with the contrast of the orange pinacles against the blue sky, can really feel the chilling warmth of this.

  • Beautiful, Trey, I agree with Susan, thanks for taking us there. And I agree with all of the above as far as the crystal clear sky and the beautiful orange coloration, spectacular!!!!!

  • This really is one of your best! One of my favorite!

  • Thanks all!

    Adi – this was 5 exposures -2 to +2

  • Facebook User

    The lighting and detail are perfect. It purely takes one’s breath away.

  • dominique

    Sometimes words just fail me..beautiful and awe inspiring artwork which creates a moment when your whole being feels connected to the earth..

  • Facebook User

    phenomenal colors

  • jim

    Superb version of this image, Trey, even better than a razors edge.

  • A fantastic image, I really love it.

    Some tips for improvement: the snow should be made more white, the sky a bit darker and the orange of the rocks slightly lighter. There is also a tiny little halo around the rock at the left, probably due to tone mapping.

    Anyway, it is and stays a great shot.

  • I have to agree with LightingPaul. A Curves adjustment could really help out the snow. Using the dropper, you could make the image pop a little more. Great comp!

  • Pat Hawkins

    I thank GOD every day for giving us such a sensitive, expressive person, a planet so beautiful and and technical photography so that the rest of us who can never travel the globe have the opportunty to see these superb veiws.

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