Golfing after Dark

Coming up soon

We have a short video coming up in the next week. It’s another of my bad shaky-cams, capturing some of the behind-the-scenes footage of some photos I took in Yellowstone. The quality isn’t great… but the content is good… well, let us hope!

National Instruments

Thanks to the nice people at National Instruments here in Austin! They invited me up to speak today at lunch. They have a huge photo club there with about 100 people. I gave them the old van-down-by-the-river talk. They asked very good questions and were very nice. I invited them to one of the upcoming book launch events (which you also know about, since you subscribe to the newsletter, right? Right???).

Daily Photo – Golfing After Dark

Horseshoe Bay here in Texas has one of the nicest putting courses in the world. They illuminate it at night with hundreds of lights scattered across the meticulous landscaping. This one is worth a large view! I happened to take it right at that moment in dusk that only lasts about five minutes.

Golfing at Dusk on the Lighted Course

  • Trey, the photo isn’t showing up for some reason (it says it is currently unavailable). I did go to Flickr and found it there, however.

    What was the best (or most interesting) question you received today from the folks at National Semiconductor?

  • Crazy details, even with the noise reduction!

  • A great view of a fun sport.

  • Hi Trey,
    We enjoyed a lot your presentation and I’m definitely going to give HDR a second chance.

    Another thing I have done for fun with my camera is stop motion movies. It is really easy to do with a Mac using Image Capture.

    BTW, we are National Instruments, not Semiconductors…

  • casusan

    Cool photo – looks like a fun place!

  • The lighting is perfect here, this is really a fantastic HDR

  • Thanks again for coming to talk with the Photoclub – I know they all really enjoyed and and I learn something new each time I’ve watched your presentations. Looking forward to the book!!

  • Thanks!

    Wups – I don’t know WHY I wrote Semiconductor – probably because I wrote it at midnight and I was dog tired!

    Eugene – the best question was one about how to properly categorize photos.

  • REALLY SUPER! You shot it at the right moment. Excellent lighting.

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