Exploring Kyoto at night

Twitter and Facebook Contests!

Tomorrow, I’ll be posting some of the best and most successful Twitter and Facebook contests I have seen. We are going to be having the good people at @Peachpit run a few contest to give away copies of the book after release! I’d like you guys and gals to pick your favorites. So please, if you have more suggestions, let me know. I’ve got a great list already, so let’s keep ’em comin! Note that I don’t want to do just boring, obvious contests. I’d like them to be fun, different, and engaging. Know what I mean? So, if you’ve seen some that are successful, please pass them along!

Today’s Photo

I think I could stay in Kyoto for a few years and go out taking photos every day and night! What a picturesque place… I feel like someone designed it a thousand years ago just for HDR! Now, I think this is a pretty darned good example of HDR. When you are there, you do see all these colors and light levels. Absolutely! Thank goodness for the sweet lady HDR and all her little tricks.

Exploring Kyoto at Night

  • Great contrast of warm light and cold light, good white balance… I have been working on a sort of warm light cold light project. thanks for the inspiration!

  • Awesome!

    Can’t wait to find out more about the contest(s)!

    I find it amusing that you call HDR a lady, haha. Doesn’t HDR have some manly characteristics?

  • Very good example for using HDR. Good interview on TWIP. Started a little slow, but I found some stuff to be informative.

  • Facebook User

    Trey, is this part of the same complex which you shot for the “Treetop Temple Protects Kyoto” HDR? The city in the distance looks as though its from a similar angle and the trees below as well.


  • Hi Trey,

    I am still a big fan of your work. I visit your site everyday and I am impressed everytime. But, have you noticed that it become more and more heavy to load.

    Keep your goog work, can’t wait to receive your book.

    Jean Pierre Dagenais
    Montreal, Canada

  • Fantastic example Trey. What time was this shot taken?

  • I agree years are needed to capture Japan. I worked in Japan (and Korea)over three years and loved everything(except the humidity).

    Should you ever get back, I recommend a brief stop at Hiroshima and a day or two at Miyajima Island: “There are no maternity wards or cemeteries, because no one is allowed to die or give birth on Miyajima Island.”

    After a trolley car ride from the Hiroshima Memorial, we ferried out to the island and discovered a place truly unique to the planet.

  • Wonderfull shot! the colors and light are perfect! I heve no more words! and what a beautiful place and cuture! loved!

  • The blue background, the earth tone covering, and the yellow lights give you a sense of mystery or of a forbidden scene. Nice photo.

  • It is all “working” colours, tones, textures, perspective, light and variations thereof making for a very inviting scene…”Future to the Back or reverse”.

  • Hi Trey,

    Great shot, a real beauty.

    @ VICTOR – i think you’ll find all the info you need in this link.


    All the best


  • Trey, excellent work! Really beautiful. I am enjoying all your Japan shots, so please keep them coming! This one has nice even tones, great depth and awesome color!

  • Facebook User

    I like contests that have some background to the picture. It could all refer to a joint topic… “express a saying / proverb in a photo”
    It’s raining cats and dogs? Drop your pets and snap… 😀
    the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree? Really simple but then the picture has to be REALLY good to impress…
    You get the idea. Everybody pics a proverb and names the pic like it for identification.

  • What a great place to visit, Trey. Beautiful photo with the hills and city in the background. Great job!!!! Thanks for taking us places we aren’t able to visit!!!!!

  • Wow, this one really strikes me. Honestly I guess its amongst of those who impressed me most. Gives a nice feeling, some sort of mix of cool climate with a warm feeling of peace and comfort. Some almost meditating atmosphere. Really like it 🙂

  • Kiyomizudera is one of my favorite temples in Japan. I really enjoy the use of the structure and lanterns as the foreground with a hint of Kyoto City in the distance! Superb…brings me back to my time living in Japan.

  • I think HDR wouldn’t do the trick if it wasn’t for the gorgeous perspective and the combination of complementary colors. But then again the lamps are fantastic and the view back there seems to be fine as well. Once said that, HDR gives it the final touch 🙂 Excellent choice!

  • Hehe thanks all!

    Gareth – Yes – this is the same place – the temple of Kiyomizudera

  • casusan

    Oh wow! This is beautiful – what a great night shot!

  • Wow!! How did I miss this one! Stellar Trey!!

  • Chris DeAngelis

    Great shot (as usual) Trey! I am a daily follower of your blog and you are an inspiration for my growing love for photography (and HDR)…

    Is that Kiyomizu temple??? I proposed to my wife at the Jishu shrine inside that temple! It would make a great HDR shot, but there are always so many people there!

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