Tokyo Road and International Pre-Orders now Available

Book Update

We got good news from Peachpit! You guys in many international locations can finally pre-order the book. Now, I’m afraid that you cannot get the one available here that is autographed and comes with the Limited Edition print. However, someday when I meet you in your country, I’ll be happy to sign it in person!

Today’s Photo

Today we have a fun one from Tokyo at dusk. What a cool place! I think I could climb up to the top of a different building every day at sunset and just shoot in every direction. None were bad! There is that perfect time just before the sun sets when all the lights are coming on… they sort of have that soft glow while they are getting warmed up.

Tokyo Road and International Pre-Orders now Available

  • mark


  • Hmm, I wouldn’t call this photo “lame,” but I think it doesn’t live up to your other cityscapes, Trey.

    For one, I think the entire photo is a tad underexposed, especially in the background. Second, I think the contrast could use a boost here, as I think the buildings and lights in the distance sort of mesh together.

    Comparing your Hong Kong photo or some of your New York shots to this one, and I would have to say this one could use some improvement.

    I think you welcome constructive critique, right?

  • looks good i like the lights of the city streets

  • Thanks for getting up that early ! I too think the contrast could have been higher, but then – I am not much of an expert when it comes to HDR and I am exciteted about learning and sharing – and looking forward to the book.

  • Just pre-ordered the book. Any idea when will it start shipping?

  • Rob

    For whatever reason, I find this picture more emotionally evocative than most of your other cityscapes. I really like the “greyness” of the horizon. Different strokes, I guess.

  • Mark

    Well, the top left corner looks blurry cuz you merged the different exposures. Also, I’ve been following your HDRs for 2 years and your pictures just look similar and similar. At first yea sure they look stunning, now there’s just too many harry-potter-ish effect floating on flickr and your HDRs just haven’t been improving. My opinion.

    Hence I call it “lame”.

  • petrov

    I’m really angry. I can’t take a good hdr photo….. i’m so stupid

  • petrov

    great photo T.

  • Oh my, Trey, your critics are criticing. I should imagine that if we were up in that tall building, that is what we would see. Clearer closer and it all blending in far away. I’m just not a fan of large cities, as you know. I’m a country girl ;-). But I think you did a good job.

  • Great job Trey. Don’t listen to these other people on here. Everyone is a critic.
    If I preorder the book now will it ship and receive it by Christmas?

  • I didn’t get the feeling that the city was alive.

    I think the weather/fog may have cut down on the radiance. It’s all good though, the image still tells a story and would fit well in the near future industrial fiction genre.

  • casusan

    I like the mood of this one too Trey -love the sky and lighting at sunset!

  • Since the title of this picture is ‘Tokyo Road’ I presume it is intended that the road is in the focus of attention here (i.e. brighter) and the rest of the pic darker.
    So taking this into consideration it is not underexposed as was mentioned above.
    I like it and IMHO it is different from Trey’s other pictures.
    Just my 2 cents though…

  • HDR is no substitute for good lighting conditions (I thought the photo still looked pretty good by the way). The photo would have looked better if you focused more on the road itself.

  • I think this image is great; in contrast to most other HDR-photos where there are a lot of sharp details, this is more chilling. It is something to rest your eyes on IMO. Also makes me want to be there. Now.

    How many exposures did you use on this?

  • Jack Rice

    I quite like how this photo is almost got little areas divided into little parts, and being impartial to both critics and lovers, I think the assume that out of the best part of the 365 photos a year that everyone’s going to love them may be a bit optimistic, even in the hands of someone so well practiced.

    Personally, as I mentioned, I like looking at the individual parts of this photo, more so than the composition as a whole I must admit. The winding road with the blurred lights, the glow from occupied buildings and areas lit up, like the area in the bottom left that either appears to be a form of plaza or a tennis court, I think individually these sections work well, but as a whole, it is probably not the best of your cityscapes in my opinion, but nonetheless I do like it.

  • Thanks – all feedback is welcome as always.

    Karl – this was 5 exposures

    Thx again for takin’ a good look at it. I hope it gives you all some ideas! 🙂

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