The Secret Spots in Tokyo

First, I’d like to thank everyone that expressed their interest and gave feedback to the HDR Workshop yesterday. Great stuff. I’m shocked. Really.

Second, I am glad so many of you are getting a kick out of my Five Twitter Lists! I KNOW you guys are finding some interesting people to follow on Twitter. As always, I’m open to suggestions, especially if you would like to join the Stuck In Customs Community List. Follow it, make a suggestion or recommendation (even recommend yourself – no prob!). I’ll take care of it.

Third, for today’s photo! What an amazing place. Now, knowing the crowd around here, you will be able to identify this secret spot in Tokyo. I really thank everyone out there for being so kind and introducing me to these great spots for photography. I feel quite lucky that when I travel, I have instant friends everywhere. I can’t believe it! Anyway, the gentleman who ushered me into this incredible lair was Alfie. Be sure to hit that link if you ever visit Tokyo and want to get some lessons WHILE seeing great places around the city.

The Secret Spots in Tokyo

  • Whoa, what is this place!? Those are some amazing reflections!

  • Love it!! Very Space Odysseyish. Trey!! You know I am a total fan of your work. I have also been on your newsletter list since day one, but for some strange reason I have not received the last two. I have tried unsubscribing and resubscribing, but that did not work. Anything else I can do?

  • I’m almost positive that this is the Mode Gakuen Cocoon building in Shinjuku. I stay in that area whenever I’m in town, but I’ve never been inside. Here’s the wikipedia link:

    Am I close!?

  • I believe it’s the International Forum in Hibiya/Yurakcho area.

  • i think i know where this is.. ! πŸ˜›

  • Gimpat

    I agree with Birkir, that is the Yurakucho International Forum Hall.

  • it has an out of this world kinda look, like being in a space ship

  • Great shot as always! I believe it is a hangar for space ships.

  • casusan

    Cool shot Trey! I like these guessing games!


  • Trey, have you ever you counted how many times the word “Amazing” was mentioned in the comments? πŸ˜‰ Here is another one! This is totally amazing!

  • This one is Outstanding!!!!!!

  • I can’t say… cos I was there πŸ™‚ Great shot of this building, Trey. Glad to have taken you there. Thought it might be your kind of thing. I am there once or more a week. Never get tired of shooting in there. Often take my students as well, as it is an excellent place for them to figure out how to deal with a subject which is so visually overwhelming. Keep guessing folks… I like the ‘hangar for spaceships’ one. Nice. πŸ™‚

  • Thanks!

    Yes – Birkir you are right… I like to say it is “secret”, because Tokyo is so overwhelming… it’s hard, as an outsider, to know which are the coolest buildings from the inside!

    Alfie – good to see you πŸ™‚ I have that photo I took of you… still have not processed it… sitting there in my to-do pile!

  • Hi Trey,

    Excellent photo.

    First impressions when i loaded the page, and looked at the image, without reading the text, was one of those secret Submarine bases you find in james bond films hidden amongst the small islands in the carribbean.

    As for the workshops, that’s a great idea, i think i mentioned something like this earlier in the year when you said you maybe coming to europe one day, this could really pay for your trips around the world. In each destination, a Trey Ratcliff workshop, how cool’s that.

    As someone also mentioned yesterday, how about a video or dvd of the first one?? for all those like me here in France who unfortunatly will be unable to attend.

    Anyway hope it all goes well.

    All the best


    p.s. don’t be too shocked by all these reactions trey, you really are an inspiration to a lot of people with your stunning HDR photo work.
    You’ve created a monster, and their’s no stopping it now.

  • Mike – Thanks for the note. I am indeed hearing a lot of buzz for the DVD too. An around-the-world trip with workshops? That could work… I don’t know… I might have to find a good champion in each country to help me coordinate. We’ll see and I’ll keep my thinkin’ cap on! πŸ™‚

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  • Facebook User

    Love this Trey…when are you having a workshop in the San Francisco Area?? I want to reserve my spot!! πŸ˜‰

  • John Rice

    A really interesting photograph, capturing so much detail, particularly in the exposed architectural and structural elements. It’s always good to see such a range and versatility of subject matters being captured so brilliantly. Again both being a testiment to the photographer and HDR photography.

    I must confess the workshop idea does seem a rather brilliant one, and I’m sure those lucky people who are able to attend will find the experience well worth it and very enlightening. If there was one across the other side of the pond, I’m sure you could count me in, as well as many others I’m sure.

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