A New HDR Workshop! Announcement!

Whoa! Where did this come from?

Yes! It’s true. I have a new HDR Workshop page that you can visit for a few more details. This is gonna be awesome. It’s the first time I have ever offered anything like this…

It will be the first full weekend in January 2010 (9th and 10th) here in Austin (pics on link!) . I’m only going to have a few people at the workshop to keep the interaction quality high. Note that at the last photowalk, we had a 175 people show up that were local! But, this workshop will only have 10-15 people. Check back on Nov 13th to register and grab your spot!

Are you interested in this? If so, leave a comment below. I’ll gauge overall interest keep this in mind for the future. I’m very excited about it — I hope you are too.

Now, if you’re new to HDR, or are coming here from another photography site because of this announcement, I’ll post a few HDR photos below so you can get an idea of what the technique can achieve. I can’t promise you’ll make images like this — that depends on you! But, I’ll certainly show you all the tricks and tips in person that I have in the HDR Tutorial here on the site. It’ll be a great weekend, and I hope you can come!

The Open Road

I've reached the end of the world

A Godly Dance at the Taj

Stopping for Lunch at the Emerald Lake in the Andes (and a new photo-sharing thing)

This is Nathaniel

The Lonely Trinity (by Stuck in Customs)

  • could be interested in your workshop. plus one most likely — photo buddy lives in austin.

  • VERY interested. Hope to purchase Photomatix and Noiseware (maybe even Topaz…) over the holidays and this would just top it off!

  • For those of us who can’t make it, WEBINAR!!! If not, I’ll settle for the Blue-Ray DVD instead.

  • Andrew

    Trey, stop off for a day in London next time you pass through Europe. I’ll host your workshop!! πŸ™‚

  • Facebook User

    My vote is also for a webinar – would love to participate, even though I can’t feasibly travel to Austin, anytime soon :).

  • Agree with Rafael !
    Fans in the UK are very interested !
    Cheers Trey !


  • i’m interested. I thought my first trip to austin would be for SxSw since i work in radio but this would be amazing.

  • Definitely interested.

  • The other link indicates it’s the 9th and 10th (Sat/Sun) rather than 8th/9th (Fri/Sat) indicated here… πŸ™‚

  • Too bad I won’t be able to make this. Austin is about 5200 miles from where I live… So, a webinar wouldn’t be too bad!

  • I’d definitely consider it.

    By the way, this post says Jan 8 & 9, but your workshop post says Jan 9 & 10. I imagine you truly meant the 9th & 10th. Glad to see the workshop on a weekend!!

  • That sounds great, but unfortunately two days is a little short to travel across the Atlantic for. If this is a success, please consider making workshops in other locations, as others have suggested. If it was in any big city in Europe, I’d sign up in a heart-beat.

  • Denis

    I hope to see some materials (video, tutorials, pics, etc..) uploaded online, I can’t make it to US πŸ™

  • Rachelle

    I would attend if I was going to be in the US at that time. I’d vote for a webinar or come to Hungary. I’d also attend a seminar in the UK or any major city in Europe if I had the opportunity.

  • I would love to attend. I am in Austin. I use a Nikon D70 and am very interested in learning about HDR photography. Thank you, Larry

  • It would be great if I was not in France! I don’t think I can cross the Atlantic just for a week end πŸ˜€

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  • Trey when you come to Southern California I’m in and will even help you lug gear around πŸ™‚

  • So, so very interested. What time zone does registration open? I want the first slot!

  • Kathy

    I would gladly pay for a webinar

  • I wish I could go.
    Come on out and do one in Seoul, Trey!!!

  • Ed

    Trey – A webinar would be great. Even a YouTube video of you creating one of your masterpieces would be helpful. Creating an average HDR is not that difficult however taking them to the level you are at is another story. I think many of us get lost on the Photoshop masking work etc. I believe this is the area that needs to be mastered in order to accomplish a “Trey” level HDR. And sadly this is the area that there is little information.

  • Mark Porter

    Trey, I really enjoyed your last photo walk and I was wondering if you could schedule another one near Christmas so that downtown will be all decorated. What do you think?

  • I’m definitely in for this. Can’t wait, I sure hope I can get a spot πŸ™‚

  • Yes, a WEBINAR would be so freaking awesome! =)

  • Tony

    I’d go to this; I’m new to photography in general, but I enjoy looking at HDR pics. Plus I’m 2 hours away from Austin, so…..yeah!

  • Looks like the demand overwhelms the supply. Why not a ten city tour? (just kidding, as that might take the fun out of it for you). Maybe a lottery will be needed.

  • Frank Jaquier

    I’m definitely in.

  • shelley osborne

    Yes am very interested. want to sign up. i sent you e mail months ago asking for this !!!!! i have done HDR and i just want to take it to the next level!!!

    thanks so much shelley osborne AUSTINITE

  • Planning on registering and flying in from NYC. Will check back November 13th!

  • I am interested.. Please fill me in on the details. πŸ™‚

  • I am very interested! I love making HDR images and would love to learn more of your process. The economy is still kicking my butt so I can’t make it this time, but I hope you have enough interest to continue doing this in the future.

  • Facebook User

    Trey! Thanks for being so accomodating! Everytime I come back to Texas for some vacay you manage to have some kind event going on. It’s like you’re reading my mind!

    I am very interested, and will definitely be there.


    Count me in!!! The 9th is my 50th birthday – can’t think of a better way to spend it. Also lived in Austin for a couple years – have many friends there.

  • I’m definitely interested!

  • Facebook User

    @Andrew (post 4) – willing accomplice on arrangement here in Cambridgeshire

    Though if I could combine one of these with a holiday to America later in the year in 2010 I’d certainly be VERY interested Trey. Good luck with the first of these, hope the interest is high. Though from the above it seems to be very high.

  • Rod Cole

    I am most definitely interested and I live in Austin

  • Yes I interested, nice change from New England in January.

  • I would love to attend, but have a commitment on Jan. 10th. I would gladly pay for a webinar as well. I think that is a great idea for those of us that either can’t afford the trip plus whatever your fee may be, and those of use with tough schedules. Maybe even a two or three part series. You could offer it live at cost X. Then you could post the recorded sessions for a reduced cost since there would be no ability to interact. Not telling you what to do. Just hoping to get a chance to participate.


  • Hi Trey, I have interest in helping run the workshop if you need it.

  • Very interested in a Webinar. Used to live in Austin not too far from the big fork.

  • Sheldon Morton

    I live in Houston, so definitely interested!!!!! Im new to HDR and cant wait to learn from the best.

  • John Maffei

    Trey, I went on your photowalk and am definitely interested in the workshop!



  • Luis Martich

    Interested .. a webinar will be a good option too since a lot of people won’t be able to make it or DVD.

  • psychler267

    Trey! I am local and very interested in your workshop! I would love to be in the first round!

  • I am dying to come to the workshop! I had to miss the photo walk because of a broken ankle! Hopefully I will get to come to the workshop! When will the registration open?

  • I would definitely be interested. I came to the photowalk. While fun, it was really would like to have heard some more in-depth instruction. Maybe you could record it for those who cannot attend.

  • Norman

    I would definately attend the workshop if I was lucky enough to get a seat.

  • Trey- Man oh man! I wish I lived in Texas for a Day. If you ever bring this out to SoCal I’m there for sure! SIC is an awesome website and resource. Thanks for the effort you put out to show the world your great work and a fun process

  • Daniel

    Traveling right now is not in the picture; to expensive.

    Do the webinar. I’d be very interested in that!

    Thanks! πŸ™‚

  • Dave Shaver

    I’m interested in attending

  • Noah

    I agree a webinar would be great or maybe you can make a video of your workshop. I’d love to have a more in depth instruction of your hdr tutorial as I’ve read it so many times I’m not sure I can pull any more info from it. I’m most interested in how to clean up moving objects like trees moving. People are easier as I can just mask them out. Just some thoughts.


  • Cindy

    Very interested! What level of expertise is required?

  • I would be interested

  • I would be interested in attending, a webinar, or getting a video. Filling 15 seats will not be a problem, so please either stream it or record it for posterity.

  • hmmm…. Austin for a weekend might not work, but a WEBINAR would be the bomb. I like everyone else here are fascinated with your level of proficiency and suprer natural HDR talents, not to mention your great haircut! Please consider something for the masses….btw I bought your books so that should put me somewhere higher on the list right… Tee Hee!


  • Yes I am interested! Living in Austin may acutally be advantageous this time if I’m lucky enought to get on the registration page early enough to grab a seat;)

  • Bill A

    I would also be very interested, As others have said a webinar or a high quality DVD of some sort would be wonderful. I’m in school full time and poor, so travel wouldn’t be in the cards. I’m very eager to learn more!!

  • I live in France and also new to HDR, would really appreciate a webinar it such a thing every occurs.

  • Diane Imfeld

    Ditto to Rafael Bautita’s comment…For thos of us who can’t make it a WEBINAR? DVD sounds good too!
    I would make plans to attend if I was given more advanced notice…due to needing to make travel arrangements…and spring/summer would be great!

  • I live in France and also new to HDR, would really appreciate a webinar if such a thing every occurs.

  • I live in France also new to HDR, would really appreciate a webinar if such a thing every occurs.

  • Trey, love your work!! I’d defo be interested, except I live in Ireland. Would defo go to one if you were hosting in UK/Europe. Might still try to register. Havent been to the US yet. I know its only a weekend, but great excuse to head over πŸ˜›

  • casusan

    Wow! popular idea – so is the webinar thing!

  • Tom Fambrough

    This is awesome. I will sign up now if possible. Count me in.
    Enjoyed meeting you at the Photo Walk in Austin.
    Tom Fambrough

  • jim

    Count me in. I live in McAllen which is 5hours away by Lotus Elise

  • I am in!!! Plus 1? πŸ™‚

  • This Austinite is very interested. Hopefully there will be room for me!

  • Brent Bolin

    I am interested either attending (live in north Texas) or a webinar. This will great.

  • Shiva

    Would love to be a part of this workshop. Though like others, I would throw my bit and vote for the Webinar too. It would help many people who cannot travel to Austin additionally, there would be a greater number of people benefiting from this.
    Yay for Workshop, +1 for Webinar!

  • JT Metz

    I live in Austin, and I would be extremely interested in attending this HDR workshop. I was out of town when you had the photowalk.

  • It seems like it is going to be pretty hard to registar for a 13 person workshop.

  • Don Simpson

    I can’t make Austin either but would definitely participate in some kind of online class.

  • I am SO eager to attend your workshop! My partner, April, rolls her eyes when I go off on a tare about HDR and what great things we can do. We both love your work! I’m in east Texas and am able to attend as soon as I get the go ahead. I want to know – I want to believe πŸ™‚

  • Rudyh

    Webinar! I would pay.

  • Rusty Ray

    I am very interested and a native Austinite. Thanks


  • Cristine

    I am a photo student at Austin Community College and I would love to come. Thanks!!

  • John

    Hello, Love the wonderful work that you are creating!
    I would like to participate in your HDR Workshop but
    cannot travel to Austin. Would you possibly consider
    conducting a web seminar and/or even producing a You Tube
    presentation or DVD? I would sure be interested in this!

    Also, I would like to invite you to visit our home. We are
    located along the majestic rugged and wild Sonoma Coastline,
    with private pocket coves and beaches, redwood forests, fern
    lined canyons with fresh and clear running streams, old ranch
    buildings and victorians and some just amazing scenery.

    Seacastle Studio
    “oN tHe WiLd SOnOmA COaSt!!”

  • I would for sure be interested, but have a baby that is due on the 14th of Jan….too close for comfort. Like all the others, a webinar would be awesome!

  • Definitely interested!

  • Man! If I were in that neck of the woods, I would be all over that seminar likes ants on a cheese doodle! Any chance you can come here to Berlin (or somewhere else in Germany) to do one of these?

  • Lyn Scott

    Definitely interested, but will be out of town first weekend in January, darn.

  • Wow, if I could be in Austin I would most certainly try to attend. Am in Paris so if you were doing a seminar like that in Paris one day I would most definitely attend.
    If you could post the seminar on video it would be absolutely amazing. Sell the DVDs or something like that would be really cool!
    Keep posting, it’s one of the most inspiring photo sites I have encountered.

  • Bryan

    Definitely interested, what a blast!! It would also give me an excuse to get out of the Alaskan COLD!!!! =)

  • Jasmine Vallejo

    VERY interested. Keep up the great work!!

  • Ryan Good

    Very interested- will hope for a slot πŸ™‚

  • Jim Bergh

    I would be very interested in coming to your workshop Trey. Amazing opportunity to come learn from you!

  • Rose Epps

    I am interested–where is it going to be held? How much$$$

  • Donna Downey

    Webinar, webinar, webinar… would be great. Time to travel to Austin in January would be impossible. I see from the comments a lot of folks would be interested in a webinar so I hope you will pursue it. Love your photography!

  • terry dockter

    Very interested… Count me in, and how much for webinar as I live 1500 miles from there?

  • Marcie Gothard

    Would love to learn more. A webinar would be great. Love your photography. Look forward to getting updates on the newsletter.

  • I am interested in the workshop and would love to know more!

  • I’d LOVE to attend your workshop! But travel to Austin is out. I like the webinar idea!

  • I could not afford to come to Texas but love the idea of a webinar as long as it is not too expensive.

  • If I can snag a spot I am most definitely there. Love you work, Trey.

  • Trey:

    We would love to have you do the HDR workshop at our studio in Los Angeles. Looks like the interest is there….

  • Facebook User

    Very interested – travel is hard tho so, the idea of a webinar is awesome as is the offer to host a workshop in other areas…like Kentucky!

  • Bert Byerley

    Sign me up! I want to come!!!

  • Trey,

    I loved the Photowalk and had just started looking into HDR just before that, because a friend showed me your website. I am very intrigued! I would be quite interested in your workshop.


  • Trey, next time you are over in Asia, i am certain there would be a TON of people who would give their right arm to participate. Let me know, i would be happy to Host in Singapore…….

  • Wes Harkins

    I wanna know more about the workshop…..very interested in attending. What a great opportunity!!

  • notti

    hey trey,

    great idea but from china it’s a bit far away for a weekender πŸ˜‰

    so i go with the others: proposing a webinar !

    greez from shanghai

  • I’ll sign up. You should try to come up to Dallas too!!

  • Hey y’all!

    Looks like you are into this idea! Cool. I know it’s gonna be great. Also, I know there are going to be disappointed people because not everyone can get in. I’ll see what we can do about that in the future… great suggestions and I’ve got my thinkin’ cap on!

    As for a exact TIME of the announcement (this is like selling Concert Tickets!)… I’ll let you know a few days before.

    There are many questions above… not sure I can nail them all – but here are some:

    * yes there were date errors – I meant the 9th and 10th (sat, sun)

    * yes I guess you can use a little consumer camera as long as it has exposure bracketing. Although, frankly, since the event itself is likely to be have a certain cost, it might not hurt to buy a new DSLR for less than $800

    *Another photowalk too? That might be possible. We will see!

  • Sue

    There are lots of photographers in Ohio-want to come here to do a seminar? I’m going to try to get in to the seminar but with so much interest probably won’t make the cut. I vote for the webinar too.

  • sheldon villanueva

    Hi Trey, for those of us who cant come.( i’m from the philippines) I’d be really interested to have a dvd/ video of that seminar. Please consider it.Thanks.

  • Paul Barnes

    Jan 9 & 10th I will be in Orlando on business. Otherwise I would take the course. If you have a later date, count me in.
    Paul Barnes

  • COUNT ME IN …. should you do a Webinar or the like. Just unable to become in your lineup for Austin…. so consider this other option…

  • Barbara McBride

    Sounds like a great time, love photography, especially with life and nature.

  • Paddyboy

    Hey Trey;
    Extremely interested! HDR is my HOBBY! Get us some more info when you can.

  • Ken Liu

    heck yeah! i live in LA but i’d buy a plane ticket to austin for this in a heartbeat.

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  • david

    i might be very interested. only caveat is i will return from thailand end of december and will find getting away a little more difficult than normal. details of where to stay and hours of the course for return flight would be helpful.

  • Totally interested. Maybe do a West Coast Workshop at some point? That’d be awesome for all of us California folks following your wonderful photos!

  • Rich Merritt

    I live here in ATX and I’m quite interested – your HDR is quite tasteful and usually I’ve been turned off by it for being too gaudy looking – I’d rather learn something right the 1st time than have to “unlearn” a bad practice.

  • I am absolutely available to attend – just say the time, place, and cost and I’ll be there. Learning from such a master of HDR is a major opportunity (not blowing smoke or nuthin :)) and I hope to be selected. Not brown-nosin or anything… it’s all true. And this workshop is a wonderful opportunity.

  • Sylvia Mugica

    I live in Dallas but would definitely drive down for this.

  • Very interested in taking my HDR photo’s to the next level. I’m OK with Photomatix, and combining with Topaz, but still lack the skill to push out anything near what you’re doing. A webnar sounds like the most feasible way to do what you’re purposing with all the people whose interested in developing those skills and using the other tools it takes to have great works like yours.

  • Kat Brimacombe

    I would love to take your workshop!

  • Fantastic – thanks everyone – thanks for all the other good suggestions… I am putting them in my file-o-fax

  • Jim Moore

    I am very interested. I all the software and have been taking lots of pictures. I am se by in Georgetown. I will settle for a DVD.

  • Bitguide

    Would love to attend, sounds like the ultimate.
    wouldn’t have to wear orange right?
    BOOMER… (oh never mind)

  • Hey Trey,

    Would be very interested in this. I was at the Austin photo-walk and I had great time. I think this would be way cooler.

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  • Tania


    I would be very interested in this, more for my husband. IT would make a great birthday gift for a man that you have helped inspire. He has taken his photography hobby and turned it into an obsession. He loves when he has the opportunity to do HDR and he would be absolutelty thrilled to join the workshop. I would find a way to get him from SLC to Austin.


  • Wil

    WOW! The photos with the lakes… I saw a film at the Banff Mountian Film Festival in Minneapolis MN in April ’09 that these two guys shot trying to peak the talest peak of the Cerro Torre (the twisted looking peak) in the winter. Just amazing to see that peak again. Way to go Trey.

  • Absolutely, positively interested. Nearly all of my favorite work is HDR, but none of it is even close to as good as yours. I’d certainly get a lot out of spending two days with you. However, I work by the week, with travel on the weekends. For example, I’m at the Sheraton Heathrow now (Sat night) heading to SFO tomorrow. To attend a weekend workshop, I’d have to take two weeks off.

    I’d be much more likely to be able to schedule a mid-week event.

    As you move forward, please consider this option.



  • I am local to Austin as well. Would love to get in on this. If not the first maybe another. Your HDR is very impressive.

  • Ted

    Hi Trey,
    Would LOVE to attend the workshop!! I am assuming that registration will be online, starting just after midnight. Will you have a special link? Where/How do I go about registering?
    Hope two things: 1) that I can get in, and 2)that the cost will not be too great, as this will be my Christmas present ! πŸ™‚

  • Great!

    Thanks for the feedback. Yes – best to come to the /hdr-workshop on midnight that night – all registration will be online. The cost should be fair for all you receive.

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  • Trey,What about ppl cannot travel to Austin for the HDR workshop because they live in far off continents,How about paid video download

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