The Golden Interior of Notre Dame (and your contest ideas please)

The inside of the grand cathedral of Notre Dame is a great place for HDR. Normally, I don’t like getting other people in the shot, but sometimes, it’s unavoidable. So, since I use a tripod, I don’t mind a bit of motion here and there… seems to give the place a sense of movement and life. Being in a big Catholic church also reminds me of the four years of Latin I had to take at my Jesuit high school back in the day. If you guys ever want to hear a dead language, just let me know!

In other news, I am collecting a few ideas for Twitter or Facebook contests that you have seen in the past. The publisher (Peachpit) and I are poking around for some of the best and most successful ideas for book giveaways when it is released. Frankly, I don’t want any of those brash contests that are “My 10,000th Follower gets a Free Book!” or “Retweet this 20 times to win!” — none of that nonsense. I want something that is fun, engaging, and works! Any and all ideas are welcome! You can send them here or via Twitter.

The Golden insides of Notre Dame

  • casusan

    Gorgeous shot of this Trey! I already put my ideas on flicker! Happy Halloween!

  • Great shot! The Notre Dame is beautiful (I was there this summer). Here’s one image I captured just outside of the Cathedral.

    As far as contests go, I don’t really mind the ones that deal with the numbers game (i.e., becoming 10,000th follower, for example). I’ve done that on twitter myself, but there are a few problems here: 1) Your Xth follower may be a robot/spam, in which case it’s a hassle (this happened to me for my 500th follower on twitter) because then you have to find another winner and 2) Your Xth follower may not be interested in your offer (they may have followed you for a different reason).

    So, given that attaining a certain number of followers or retweeting a certain message is a superficial way of running a contest, here’s my idea. Engage with your audience through this blog by asking trivia questions related to your photography. For example, you may ask about where you captured a certain image, who you traveled with, etc. I’ve actually×6-prints-giveaway implemented this contest approach for my giveaways (nothing major – some metallic 4″x6″ prints), and the results have been pretty good. You can make the questions as easy or as challenging (for example, ask about a photo which you posted over a year ago, and don’t provide any clues) as you like. Presumably, the most dedicated of your followers will be most receptive to the contest – which is a good thing :).

    Hope that helps! I am looking forward to your future contest(s)!

  • Trey, great shot!!! I have been busted for my tripod attempts every time at ND…and quickly!! But I have learned from my 2 failures…get the equipment ready first, then walk in and snap away! I have another attempt coming in Nov! How many shots did you get off this day? It is one great challenge at ND! LOL Have fun!

  • Happy Halloween all!! Hope you have a ghostly good time. Beautiful picture, Trey!! As for the contest, I think the one idea of a quiz on pictures as to where they were taken is a great idea. Those of us who follow your post every day should be able to remember “some” !! Great idea, Eugene!

  • Or, you could give a picture to the one who has the most pictures posted in their “Trey Ratcliff Album” on facebook, ha ha.

  • Hwy Trey, great shot! I took one very similar at the Basilica where senator Kennedy’s funeral was, it was the Sunday morning after the funeral, and there were a ton of people there…..shot turned out great though!

    The contest……what about doing an HDR photo contest judged by yourself and Peachpit?

  • i agree with jason, a photo contest would be cool and relevant. plus you, could split it into categories so that anyone from beginners to pros could enter.

  • Trey, Great image. Love the movement, light and space.

    Hey, I wanted to submit a portfolio for HDR spotting (sorry if it’s against the rules to do it here) . ..

    Thanks for the consideration.

  • Hey Trey,
    In response to your request for ideas for successful book giveaways, consider Hugh Macleod’s (@gapingvoid) promotion for his recently released book Ignore Everybody. After purchasing his book on Amazon (or wherever), Hugh offered a second, free, and signed copy of the book to a limited number of followers who submitted their purchase order number to him. It was a cleaver “buy one, get one (signed copy) free” to give away to a friend. I thought that it was a non-pushy approach to promote his book. I know that I would be in line for two copies of A World in HDR!

  • How about a photo contest 🙂

  • Great – thank you for all the suggestions!

  • Erlend Schei

    I don’t get the rationale behind the non-tripod policy, but nonetheless: I think the movement and the people work very well in your image. They give a cool contrast to the more paint-like walls.

    I recently did a handheld form the exact same spot, but with a slightly different angle. Fake HDR from one exposure:

    Was your image taken at night time?

  • Gimpat

    Here is an idea close to the HDR contest idea. Why don’t you put 3 or 5 bracketed pictures and ask people to HDR those. Then you use your work, and everyone work with the same media. We then can see the difference in style and talents of other people.

  • You are lucky you have been able to use a tripod over there. In my case, security removed me from the church 🙁

  • Bo Lassila

    Was this on purpose, or just a funny coincidence? NOTRE (our) Dame & your (votre)contest ideas?

  • Walid Rahman

    Great photo as for the contest i think you should have people who are interested submit their own HDR shots and pick from your favorite.

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