The Lonely Road – the 9×9 Limited Edition Print for the Book

First, a little update on “Connecting the Community”. Thanks to the new Twitter Lists, I put together the first 150 people or so that signed up… I’ll add more later. You can see the Stuck In Customs Twitter Community list here. It’s a great way to get started… just go through and follow those people, and you’ll be off and running! Now, if Tweetdeck will just let us auto-import a Twitter list and make it a column, that would be great! (if you want to add your name, add it to this thread and I will update the Twitter List later!)

Second, we are announcing the print that will be coming with the Premium package of my upcoming book about HDR. These will all be Limited Edition, Numbered series, and autographed prints. That is, after we stop taking pre-orders, we will stop the number and that will be that. It is a 9″x9″ print, and we have just gone through a selection process, where we had samples sent to us from different printing companies (you can see a bad iPhone shot of the selection process here). We’ve chosen the finest quality.  These will all be collector’s items, and normally we would sell these prints for over $100 each, so it’s quite a deal!

As you can tell from the pricing, I’m not in this to make a killing on the unit cost! I wanted to reward fans and friends with something special for being some of the early believers. I’m kind of a softie, frankly… and I have such a friendly relation with y’all – I feel strange charging you a lot of money!  I think this evolving artform is just fantastic, and I do all of this for the pure joy of it.

The print is called “The Lonely Road to the Dinosaur Dig”. It was taken one evening in northern Montana near the Canadian border. I was on a dinosaur dig with Jack Horner and had taken an ATV out on a joy ride one night. It unceremoniously caught on fire, and left me stranded a long way from home with just my camera and the sunset.

9x9 print - The Road to the Dinosaur Dig

  • Ah, yes. Sitting in the shade of a fence post and barbed wire and listening to the mosquitos try to carry you off. But pretty in its own way. Nice feel. That captures my memories of N. Montana on the “canvas”.

  • great pic – its one I have chosen for my slideshow thats running as a screensaver ! Thanks for making this possible

  • Looks great!

  • Great choice I’m really excited to see it in person!

  • wow, i love the golden glow

  • It´s awesome…
    Great light !

  • Ahhh! The open road with nothingness surrounding you. The breeze blowing through your hair and the new morning sun on your face… Fabulous capture, indeed!

  • Clicked on the image to see it blown up – went to Flickr and siad I needed permission to view. So sad…

  • I give up on meebo. The picture doesn’t appear in the post on facebook. I saved it in My Trey Ratcliff folder and will add it to my album on facebook. I love this photo!!! All the pictures I save are part of my screensaver, lol. I have way to many photos in My Pictures. I probably need to transfer some to a CD, dah. Anyway, anxiously awaiting the book and hope I get a picture?? Either way, it will be great!! Thanks again for sharing all you do with us, Trey!! And for making your book affordable for all of us, too!

  • Beautiful and perfect timing. The tones are perfect.

  • Thanks very much! 🙂

    Jared – yeah sorry – I did not put this one in the public flickr stream — I kept yesterday’s going for 48 hrs.

    Gail – That is strange about Meebo! I will test it out. !

  • casusan

    This is one of my all time favorites – beautiful Trey!

  • Hi Trey,

    I am counting days to get my copy of your book and print.

    Have a nice week-end.

    Jean Pierre Dagenais
    Montreal, Canada

  • Kevin


    One of my favorites!


  • I love the feeling of the world being not so busy here! It gives you that chance to catch up with life doesn’t it… “Relax” a lawyer used to say to his clients and for that it is a great reason to look at your lovely view and realize that “life goes on in some areas a little slower”…

    Thanks for this is a wonderful peaceful piece to that rushed hurried world outside for so many… I look forward to buying your book and getting this from you…

  • Oooooh, and the anticipation intensifies!!!! What a sweet birthday present I’m giving to myself!!!

  • Kevin B. Simmons

    Hello, I bought your book “A World in HDR.” from Pearson Education.
    Invoice number BK60265241. It was a preproduction order. Can I get a copy of your print?
    thanks, Kevin B. Simmons
    24 Edgewood Ave.
    Waterford ,Ct.06385

    ps. I love your book

  • Sorry afraid not mate! We are sold out – it was limited edition and they are all gone….

    I am VERY glad you love the book though !!

  • Till

    It does not seem unreasonable to suggest that any book has the ability to make some sounds or interest to read as well as guide someone in the way to do well in upcoming future. In that case the lonely road is one of the best produced real life experiences attracting everyone with its vibe and beauty. Get the assignment help if necessary.But the sad things are the limited editions of the books so lots of people won’t get it to digest in daily life leading factors.

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