The Two Glacial Lakes of the Southern Andes (and our experiment with a Real-Time Community continues…)

This was a hard spot to reach!

It was quite a hike to get up here early in the morning, just as the sky was still in a dawn of deep blue. The two lakes on either side are those pure glacial blue lakes that you sometimes see from airplanes and wonder, “What’s it like to be down there?” I’ll tell ya – AWESOME! I went down there and drank from the lakes like a guanaco on holiday. It was incredible.

Now, a few days ago I started to “Connect the Community“. There are so many clever and interesting people in the community, and I thought you should meet on another! Anyway, it’s really taken off and people from the community are taking it in nice new directions – thanks!

It seems a great many of you are on Twitter, and many of us have created a “Stuck In Customs” group in Tweetdeck or Lists in Twitter. This enables me to sit there and watch/engage in a real-time stream of community activity. It’s cool! I updated that post with a 4-step guide on the creation of this real-time community. It’s very loosey-goosey… as any fun community is! Come in, engage, stay a while… drift off… create… come back and share… drift off… comon back… it’s good and natural!

(and our experiment with a Real-Time Community continues…)

The Two Glacial Lakes of the Southern Andes  (and our experiment with a Real-Time Community continues...)

  • José Alfaro

    Wow, I was there in 2007. Awesome place. I believe the lake on the right its called Laguna Los Tres, because of the three peaks at the bottom. I think the “fat one” it’s called Fitz Roy. Great capture, as always.

  • May sound corny, but the first word that comes to mind is “majestic.” Beautiful landscape!

  • Terry Hall

    Simply Awesome.
    Gorgeous Scene.

  • charles

    wish I could see more!
    Ever thought of dooing some HDR panoramas?

  • That’s some beautiful picture Trey. This must’ve been some great hiking. Was this Argentina still? I concur with charles above. HDR Panoramas would look superb. Been asking myself the same question: how to? Perhaps doing HDR 1 by 1 and tone mapping exact the same? Or it simply won’t bother and when you merge Photoshop would correct it all?

  • Trey – stunning shot!!! Kudos!! I couldn’t imagine seeing that in front of me! Must have been awesome!

  • I agree with all the above, Trey!! Awsome, beautiful, superb, gorgeous, majestic, and the list goes on!!! Thanks for sharing this wonderful photo!!!!

  • “like a guanaco on holiday” jajajaa, awesom comparison! In a deeper way, your pictures not only capture great moments and most of nature’s perfection but they also takes me there, so close that i can almost smell the thin, pure and cold air that surrounds that view. It doesn’t hurt that much when you’re far from home when you get to see this pics.


  • Stunning detail and contrast. Great shot!

  • casusan

    Soooo beautiful Trey!! This is just super!

  • Thanks!

    Charles & Leo – I do have one giant HDR Pano I did back in Glacier National Park – I think I used 90 images on it. HDR Panos are tough – I am still experimenting with the best way to do it!

    Mirko – thanks hehe – I like it with the Latins laugh with the jajaja – it is unsettling and funny.

  • Trey, if you haven’t tried it check out the program AutoPano Giga at If I do a pano I like to use the same or very similar tonemapping, then throw all the TIFs into AutoPano and let it do its thing. Then import the result into photoshop.

  • Trey that is a stunning landscape. Excellent work. The detail is incredible.

  • charles

    Mark, autopano does a great job, but in some cases I found that Hugins did a better job. Never experimented with hdr pano though

    And Trey, once again, great picture!

  • Facebook User

    Stunning photo! Love it.

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