The Restaurant in Tokyo that Inspired that crazy scene from Kill Bill

When I was in Tokyo, I had a great time out with Altus! He stayed with me here in Austin, and we were able to meet up for a fun time of photography out in Tokyo. That’s one of the BEST things about having a blog, I must say! It gives me the chance to meet all kinds of nice people like YOU that extend gracious invitations for photography!

After dark, Altus took me to this cool restaurant (btw, the original sized version has nice details on Flickr!) The manager was very nice and let us sit where we wanted and then a carte-blanche for taking photos. He asked if I would send him photos and if I charge… and I told him no… I do this stuff for fun! So, we have a smart and well-movied community here – who can tell me the name of this restaurant?

Peachpit definitely has the sample from my book up on their website now. Just click on “Sample Content” and you’ll be in good shape. There are some very good tips just in that 20 pages! 🙂

The Restaurant in Tokyo that Inspired that crazy scene from Kill Bill

  • Hi trey,

    Up a little earlier than usual today, because the clocks went back last night, so i get to post first today, yawn.

    Great photo, nice composition and colours, did you use one of your textures???

    As for the resto, i think it’s called the “Gopanchi” if my internet search is correct.

    All the best


  • Niels Rasmussen

    Always great picture from you.
    The name of the restaurant: GONPACHI – you can see on the red menucard.

  • Great job on the photo, Trey. I didn’t try meebo today, just logged in to facebook and posting it that way. How nice your friend went with you there and you were treated so nicely!!! Amazing how we can make such wonderful friends on the net. I have the same experience when chatting at games and have met 12 of my online friends now. Just met one in Vegas while we were there. And they are all very nice!!!! Back to the photo, I love the way the colors come through. Looks like a comfy restaurant to have a good meal and conversation. Thanks for sharing.

  • casusan

    Super shot Trey – love the textures of the wood – looks like you can reach out and touch it!

  • Great shot. Looking forward to your book publication. I wrote a quick thing about you and the book on my blog. Hope it helps sales.

  • What a fantastic restaurant, the wood color gives it quite a warm ambient

  • nice woody feel….

  • Cool shot Trey. I’ve been to this restaurant a few times and love the roasted ginko nuts (when they’re in season!). I’m heading to Tokyo in a few weeks and hope to fit in some time to shoot. Last year, I was very fortunate to visit the private home and estate of the Nomura family in Kyoto and was able to get some great shots! Still perfecting my HDR and I have you to thank for inspiration and your tutorials! Thanks to you, I now “see” in HDR even without the lens. Ciao Chris

  • Just love the perspective in this shot…..You found the perfect spot to get everything in……Wonder if I say my name is Trey Ratcliff, if I can get “special permission to go special places” ?? 🙂

  • I really can’t wait until your book comes out – those samples looked amazing.
    Will the tutorial feature a bit more help with masking?

  • Joe Matava

    My Japanese friends took me to this place a few years ago. It’s near Roppongi, right? I think the Japanese took Bill Clinton there when he was president. The food was wonderful.

    Hey, just got back from a vacation to SE Asia and visited Bagan in Myanmar. If you enjoyed Siem Reap/Angkor Wat then this place will knock your socks off. I got lots of great photos…

    Joe in San Antonio, TX

  • I love how you can see that everyone in upper mezzanine has taken their shoes off before sitting down to eat. That they would do this even when going out to eat amazes me. Such a level of discipline that those here in the U.S. are unfamiliar with…

  • Thanks all – good comments.

    Alan – hey thanks – very nice of you – I appreciate it!

    Chris – I had some of those too. haha small world. And glad to know you see the world in HDR too!

    Dan – I think it will. Let’s hope it is more clear! 🙂

    Joe – Bagan is high on y list!

  • Facebook User

    Fantastic shot as always. How do you get such a great glow in all of you pics? Thanks for the inspirational pics and I look forward to your book coming out!

  • Chris

    Yes, Gonpachi at Azabu Kosaten (crossing) – gorgeous capture – love the texture you get in the ceiling beams, as well as the full sushi bar (I think they do sushi down there? I know they have a few menus here) on the ground floor.

    I went in here for a drink one night, and my waiter told me that Quentin Tarantino comes in here once a year, gets drunk, and dances on the bar. Great place to take people in Tokyo – one of the few places where you might be able to get a decent sized group together for dinner in Tokyo, which is normally very hard to do.

  • They also have a Gonpachi out here in LA too. It’s owned by the same guy as that one and has the same basic floorplan (though I think the Los Angeles one is a little bigger). Nice shot.

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  • johnpv

    I can vouch for the food, too. It’s tremendous! =) It’s an izakaya-style restaurant in Roppongi, Tokyo. Some of the best kushiyaki I’ve ever had.

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  • Love this! thanks for posting..

  • Was going to check this out last time I was in Tokyo, but never made it out to Roppongi. How was the food?

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