The Rocket Bar in Austin, and a visit from RC Concepcion

This is a photo of a strange place on South Congress. I was down at a restaurant in the area and I saw this when I was walking back to my car. As usual, I had my tripod and camera ready, so I set up for a shot. It was actually a store that sold all kinds of pop art and a lot of neon. I thought it looked cool through the frosted glass. Any of you Austinites know the name of this place?

Also, recently I had the pleasure of hanging out with RC Concepcion when he came down to Austin to host a photo-editing seminar along with Dave Cross in Austin. Here is RC’s HDR he shot here in Austin. I found out he was coming to Austin on Twitter, so we tweeted up a little get-together in a well-orchestrated 140-character tennis match. We went out to shoot the SRV statue in the rain, ate a leisurely dinner full of philosophical thoughts, and then I had him over to show him the “Stuck in Motion” video over at my home before it was released. I was happy that this guy, the know-it-all (in a good way) host of Layers TV could not even figure it out! BTW, if you are looking to bone up on all your Adobe products, be sure to watch some Layers TV or subscribe to the free video podcast in iTunes.

The Rocket Bar in Austin, and a visit from RC Concepcion

  • I like the different perspective here… HDR rocks…

  • Great use of HDR for a a simple shot – I always love how wood comes alive. Rad that RC was so willing to get together like that. pretty slick trey!

  • casusan

    Love this Trey – interesting and colorful – makes you want to go inside!

  • Geat shot Trey. Still say you’re a lucky dog to be able to hang out with RC.

    I need to come down to Austin to shoot some HDR stuff.

  • Gail

    Neat place, Trey. I love the photo, too, so colorful!!!
    While we were in Vegas, one of the couples who attended the reunion live in Austin!!! They have a son that is a photographer, and his name is John Stublar. He is in Idaho now. Do you happen to have heard of him?? He doesn’t do HDR, but does have nice photos of people. I found his website on google. I just thought it was neat that his parents lived in Austin. I know, it’s a big town and you couldn’t possibly know everyone 😉

  • That looks like the window of Guero’s. Hmmm. Love South Congress in Austin.

  • Gorgoeous spot!

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