Cutting Through the Park

Here is another shot from the little video I did with Scott Kublin. He followed me around with a video camera for a while and asked me questions. It wasn’t planned or anything, but it came out pretty good! I helped him and Rick a bit with their HDR photography while we moved around Olympic Park. That link above takes you to the short version of the video. The longer one is avail in Newsletter #3 — you get a link there when you subscribe.

There is a curvy street that cuts through the middle of Olympic Park in Atlanta. It wasn’t too far from here where that bomb went off in 1996 Atlanta. I was actually there with my friend Scott Sadowski when it went off! I was not too close to the blast, so I was not in any danger… but we did hear it and see the commotion. So I was there for that bombing AND I was in NYC during 9/11 and saw the 2nd plane hit the WTC. I had meetings in the financial district that day, and we ended up getting stuck in NYC for many days while the airports were shut down. Again, I was not close enough to be in danger… But… I have a knack for being in sketchy situations, I guess!

Cutting Through the Park

  • Neat photo, Trey!! Nice colors. Stay away from those bombs, ok 😉
    Can’t imagine being there on 9/11 and seeing one of the towers hit. It was bad enough watching it on TV. I sure shed a lot of tears during that time. Have a great day.

  • The sharpness in this image is unbelievable. Superior quality, amazing job. I like the way the lamp posts and the cars lead our eyes… By the way, I’m trying to get rid of these ‘light’ reflexes but find it impossible. Regardless the f/stop they come back. Does anyone know the best way not to get these ’round reflex spots’ in night pictures of straight to the sun/light source pictures? All I could find is that the better the lenses, the less you will get…

  • Beautiful shot of my hometown.

  • This one really turned out good.. I wasn’t so sure when I saw you taking them in the video.

    Was this before or after the alleged Coca-Cola incident? 😉

  • Thanks!

    This was after the alleged Coke incident – that was at sunset! 🙂

  • casusan

    Oh wow! Wonderful colorful shot Trey!

  • Excellent clarity and color! Well done my friend.Love the dark blur of the passing vehicle. Only thing that I wish this image had is a little bit of clouds in the sky.

  • Jessica

    Thank you so much for putting up pics of Atlanta! I see this landscape everyday from my apartment and it makes me happy to see it portrayed so beautifully!

  • Well, this is an excellent photograph indeed! I’m still not sure how you blend the blurred layer (of the cars) into your final image. I wonder, is the car part one image, or several? And about what shutter speed are you recording the cars at? You are a remarkable photographer.

  • Well thanks very much! Gary – I don’t remember all the shutter speeds. I bet they were around 5-15 secs for the longer ones.

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