The Entrance to Chernobyl

This is where my best friend Will was “retained” by the military all day because he did not have his passport. He told me a little of his detainment. Part of it was in a bunker where he was allowed to watch a bit of Colombo dubbed in Ukrainian.

I don’t make any of this stuff up.

As for me, I got to go into the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone. This was the first security gate of many that I have recently processed. I posted a full story from the Chernobyl Adventure here — there are two parts… they should make for a good Sunday read if you have not seen them before!

The Entrance to Chernobyl

  • Yikes, Trey, that’s not somewhere I would want to be! But you are a brave soul that likes adventure and entertains us with your stories. I read the newsletter yesterday, loved the photos!! I passed them on to my two sisters that paint. Thanks for sharing all of your adventures with us!! Have a great Sunday, everyone!!

  • So…Did you eat glow snow?

  • casusan

    Looks cold! Poor Will – you have lots of memories of that place!

  • Hi Trey… Snowy picture. I had a quick question for you. Have you heard of the term Auto focus bracketing. I used to have this feature in my old little digital Canon S2IS. It was pretty useful to get a razor sharp macro picture (combining 3 diff. focus to one picture to get amazing details in a macro).

    I could do it the manual way in my nikon d90 but tend to loose too much time. Again it is not a warranted feature for a DSLR type camera… still wondering

  • Thanks for the comments. Gail – I hear you are back home – good! 🙂

    Erik – hehe – I did hear the Geiger going off a few times… it seemed a little sketchy… I didn’t eat the yellow snow either

    Sathya – yes I have – I think that is most valuable in macro photography with a tripod – getting each little layer of insects or other small things.

  • Udo

    In a German newspaper i found an interesting article about a photographer who also went to Tschernobyl. In case you are interested here are the links to the article and the photographer’s website:

  • I have a song dedicated to Chernobil
    – it is quite post-apocaliptic , but I like it, I dunno why..

    you can also download it from the description of the video ;

    I plan on visiting Chernobil myself, to take some photos and to see it in person.

  • Michael

    I travel to Ukraine every fall, so this is the first year I will have my Pentax K-x. Looking forward to some great photos plus learning to HDR. Thanks for the inspiration!

  • hey im wanting to go and do what youve done in pripyat and Chernobyl but how can i get entrance like you did without a tour? email me please how you did that haha
    [email protected]

    amazing photos by the way

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