Fire Lake in Yellowstone

Before I get started, I finally had a chance to comment (#184!) on the “The Moments Between” post from a few days ago. I’m very happy people are actively guessing and experimenting to do the same thing! I think that’s very healthy and much better than just getting an answer (but I will give an answer in the future !! ).

It reminds me of last night. I was in San Francisco with a bunch of very nice people from Peachpit, the company that is publishing the upcoming book. After Indian food, we all went out to walk the streets of San Francisco so I could give them a few tips on HDR shooting. One of the gals, holding her D60 without a tripod, was asking me about “What happens if I set the ISO down to 100?” I said. “Hmm… I wonder what would happen… Why don’t you try?” (of course I knew the answer)… but better that she finds out herself. (she did).

This photo below is from Fire Lake. Yes, I dipped my hand in. I had to! I could not resist. It was really hot. Oh god was it hot. I had to do it twice just because I couldn’t believe how hot it was the first time.

Fire Lake in Yellowstone

  • Here is another tip… when shooting HDR and you have a boring blue sky – try to find a way NOT to put much of the sky in the photo!

    Hey that’s a great tip Trey!


    Why didn’t you just re-edit the post and type it in?

    Because I was lazy.

  • tom

    My mother’s tip was “Quit having conversations with yourself or the other kids will think you’re weird.”

    I like your tip much better. Nice shot.

  • Or if you have a boring sky you could take a quick trip over to and buy Trey’s tutorial on textures. They can do really cool things to really boring sky 🙂

  • A brainiac like you had to put your hand in the water to test if it was hot? I guess IQ doesnt mean everything 😉

  • casusan

    Oh wow – beautiful lake – lots of curiosity you have!

  • Trying is the best medicine for getting it right.

  • Looks like this could be a great picture during the winter. A VERY COLD winter I mean. If ‘fire lakes’ are because of some geyser or something like this (forgive me my ignorance on what or where is ‘Fire Lake’ exactly) as I think the ‘fog’ or steam during the harsh cold days would be spectacular. Specially during the first minutes of light. Dreamy !!!

  • richard

    it seems this nyc broker with or without permission likes your times square shot,,

  • At 1st i thought the only major color missing was yellow , until i realised the location . !!

    Hot shot none the less.

  • Hehe thanks all – yes I am dumb.

  • I love Yellowstone, it has some of the freakiest natural phenomenon out there. This picture is terrific!

  • Great photo, Trey, love anything at Yellowstone!!! We are back from our trip, whew, it’s nice to be home and have our dogs again!! I have a new suggestion for you. In Idaho, on Hwy 93 between Salmon and not quite down to Arco, there is the most beautiful drive you can imagine. There are millions of photo opportunities along that road. Breath-taking rock formations, mountains, lava, Crators of the Moon, etc. If you ever get a chance to take that drive, I highly recommend it. Plus you can continue north to the Bitter Root Valley ;-).

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