The Morning River

Here is a photo from a crisp and cool morning in Glacier National Park. This river empties from a icy clear lake. I was running back and forth between here and the lake as quickly as I could to get the light as it crept over the horizon.

Late next week I’ll be taking a little photo-trip down the PCH (famous Highway 1 in California). There’s a Real-Time Web Summit in Mountain View; after that, I’m driving down to San Diego. If any of you are going to be at the conference too, be sure to drop me a note or a tweet! 🙂

The Morning River

  • Rachelle


  • Marvelous!!!

  • So many colors, I love the blue of the water. Well done Trey!

  • Gail

    Beautiful capture of a sunrise in Glacier!!! Hope all goes well on your trek down Hwy 1 !! I guess we are missing record setting lows back in Montana. Suppose to get down in the single digits this morning, brrr!! Good time for us to be in AZ!! Enjoy your day, everyone.

  • casusan

    What gorgeous colors! Nice one Trey!

  • Beautiful Photo Trey!!!

  • Thank you!

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