Getting Water for the Village

Here is a wonderful scene from India. I am sure that people here find these women to be rather commonplace and uninteresting, but I thought all their little movements were photo-worthy. I’m sure they thought I was a nut following them around, so I tried to remain fairly clandestine, so as to not to interrupt their natural behavior. I sort of felt like I was tracking wild animals in their native habitat. That sounds strange, I’m sure!

Yes, I used a texture on this one from one of the texture tutorial packages. Note that I won’t do this for everyone, but I wanted to point you to my friend Scotty Graham’s blog in Indonesia, who is re-selling these textures. If you buy from there, he is donating his profits to children that suffered from the earthquakes in Sumatra. Anyway, as you can tell, he’s a nice guy, and his site is certainly worth a visit!

Getting Water for the Village

  • casusan

    Oh wow – love this one with the textures Trey – feels like you can just reach out and touch it!

  • Luis Martich

    Great pic Trey…as always awesome !!!

  • Incredible photo.

  • Bipul

    great picture, great blog. A little unjustified with the women you called “wild animals in their native”. feels even bad when I am an Indian myself 🙁

  • Karthick

    I am an admirer of your pics and in fact I like the feel and freshness while going through your blogs. But somehow it was hard to take this words ‘wild animals in their native’. In fact i too come from a remote village in India and I understand the way they react to strangers. But thats the real beauty of them. Personally, I feel that better words could have been used.

  • AHa – well you should know that I meant I was just hanging out in the background and watching them, following them… the same way I would do when following a wolf in Yellowstone. I didn’t want my presence to inhibit their movements.

  • Laura Giles

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