The Golden Pavilion, or Kinkaku-ji for my new Japanese friends

This is one of the most famous temples in Kyoto, so of course I had to go. It’s sort of like going to the Eiffel Tower in Paris or Rudy’s BBQ in Austin.

It was originally built back in 1397 and has been destroyed and rebuilt several times. The building itself is as meticulous as the gardens around it. The Japanese really know how to tend a garden! There was a fleet of workers all over the grounds, sweeping up and rearranging little bits here and there. It was all very quaint and wonderful.

The Golden Pavilion, or Kinkaku-ji for my new Japanese friends

  • awesome job.. i love this!! one of the best & most detailed HDRs i have seen!

  • So peaceful and beautiful..the place are beautiful and with some HDR effect..fuhh..make me wonder is heaven like this…

  • Hmm not sure I can see the relationship between Rudy’s and this beautiful scene but if you insist,it must be true 🙂 Beautiful work as always, thanks for all your work. Paul

  • I like how the clouds are reflected in the water – great as always!

  • Awesome Shot Trey! I love Kyoto!! If you can plan a trip again n early April the Cherry Blossoms will be in bloom!!! I have yet to make it to Kyoto in Cherry Blossom season…a dream one day!!! Oyasumi Nasai!

  • it’s gorgeous and love the soft contrast in the photograph. This is why I love HDR Photography and shooting it. You’ve got this photo and it really does represent this view and scene. There is nothing left to “well you need to see it for yourself.” Although, it makes me want to go see it for myself!

    Excited for your HDR Spotting site. I’ll be adding it to a photography showcase site I’ve launched once it’s officially launched on your end!

  • Gorgeous, will be there myself in a week or so, can’t wait!

  • Rasekh

    Its hard to say something that already hasnt been said about your work….I think I’m gonna have to start inventing words…hmm, dreamtastic?!

  • casusan

    Oh how beautiful and peaceful this looks! Wonderful Trey!

  • This is SOOOOOOO FREAKING AWESOME!!!! Incredibly beautiful, tranquil, relaxing. Definitely one of my favorites of yours!! I just might have a new desktop photo to replace my Margaritaville desktop (which is tough cause I’m a HUGE Parrothead). Had to tweet it to everyone. WOW!!! EXCELLENT JOB!!!!

  • Thanks!

    Peter – yes sorry I missed the cherry blossoms… maybe another year!

  • excellent HDR man love it

  • Max

    It looks exactly like the pavilion used on a wallpaper included in os x, just from another ankle. Am I right? 😛
    Awesome shot, btw 🙂

  • A wonderful place and beautiful gardens indeed.

    Another one in my “in the footsteps of Trey” series:

    Had to do mine without a tripod – arrgh (havn’t mastered the ninja style art of sneaking around with one under my coat)

  • A most awesome photo. I’m not quite sure (I like underwater and tropical a lot), but this may just about be my favorite. As I said in a Stumbleupon review, it really puts me at ease to imagine being some place like there and sitting down to play a long game of Go. Surely you’ve played it being in Asia so much.

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