Some Articles of Note, Upcoming Newsletter, & New Mysterious Project

Hey everyone! I am busy putting together the next Newsletter. It will be a good one and I have something special planned for this next one. Maybe I can get it out in the next week or so? I have an upcoming photo trip down Highway 1 in California, so I’d like to get it out before then. As usual, the newsletter is free and we promise not to spam you… just to fill your inbox with pretty things and artistic inspiration.

I hope this new experiment will take hold. I think it’s very cool and different. I’m calling it “Japan: The Moments Between”. I know… very mysterious… well, just wait and see. I’ll include an advance link in the newsletter.

In other news, we were highly ranked over at BootsnAll Travel in their listing of the top 15 Travel Blogs. Go over and have a looksee… their website looks pretty sharp too.

Also, here is a link to an interview I did a while back and I forgot to mention! It is a “Flickr Photographer Profile” and it’s over at Robert Scott Photography.

Last, we are working on a new site for HDR Photographers, It’s been designed to drive more traffic to other HDR Photographers’ websites, blogs, portfolios, and the like. Right now, it’s in private alpha/beta testing and we are still adding many more features. But you can go have a quick preview over at HDR Spotting.

To complete the theme of mysteriousness for today, I’ll include a few mysterious photos here from various spots around the world:

Ghost in the Cathedral

A Martini on the Bund

What is on Television Tonight

Afternoon Near Ground Zero

The Glowing Hull of the Viking Longboat

  • Why are you so brilliant? Your HDR photo can make my life feel fresh but sometimes feel down coz i don’t know how to come out with this kind of beauty.

  • One picture better than the other, I cannot decide which one is my favorite!
    You are lucky to see so many places around the world…
    I’d really like to see HDRs from the Maya temples of Yucatan (Mexico) – I hope you will get there some day.

  • Kathy

    Amazing as always.. sheer talent wrapped up in brilliance. Is the last one up side down or is it me

  • The first picture is awesome… the second one… hmmmmm Aweeeeeeeeesome… c’mon trey my vocabulary is not great.. I cannot find more fantabulous words.. oh yeah.. the third picture is fantabulous.

  • When was this church lit up like that? When I went the ceiling wasn’t orange. You’ve really brought out the detail, despite the fact its such a minimalistic place. And I do love that organ.

  • casusan

    Cool shots Trey! And yes, mysterious! Congrats on the travel blog listing!

  • momoe – hehe I don’t know about that… I am just trying, like everyone else… and maybe extra-curious.

    Timo – I’d love to hit the Yucatan some day!

    Dan – I don’t know — these were the colors when I was there… could be part of the HDR process making them a bit more warm as the textures become more important than the light.

  • Facebook User

    I love the second one. Is the last one upside down?

  • I’m sorry man, but I will stop coming on your site. I like your work, but there’s more and more Javascript and my computer can’t follow! Mainly on the photos and the bottom bar.

    The scrolling is lagging a lot with Firefox, it’s better with Opera, but this is slow too. I even don’t try with my N800 tablet. 😐 Can’t you slow down with JS please? 😉

  • Yes – that last one is upside down – a church in Reykjavik

  • Gail

    Posting from Green Valley, AZ. Beautiful photo’s Trey!! Hoping the newsletter comes out about the time we get back home!! No matter, I will save it til then. After we leave here, I won’t be online at all anyway in Vegas. Keep up the good work and enjoy your trip down Hwy 1. We did that from northern CA all the way up to WA, in April, 2007. It was a wonderful trip. People were in the Pacific Ocean at Cannon Beach the second week in April!! Would love to do northern CA sometime along the coast!! So, enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!!!!

  • Jill Baxter

    Words are inadequaate to describe (at least my vocabulary) the Ghost in the Cathedral. Such detail, such beauty, such color. Mesmerizing.

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