Just Another Street in Argentina

While in Argentina, I wish I had more days in Buenos Aires, but I made the most of what i could. This usually involves waking up very early and going to sleep very late. It gets a little hard after a few days, but I get into “content acquisition mode”, and I try not to make excuses for sleep!

Many parts of Buenos Aires are very colorful and fun. I’m not sure how all these individual tenants get together to decide on colors, but they end up looking kinda cool, even with minimal coordination. I guess the guy on the left there just thought, “I’ll paint my wall orange”, and then he did it, and it just looks cool. It kind of reminds me of how rappers can put on the craziest hat in the world and it still looks pretty cool on them. I don’t get it. I only look cool in one kind of hat – a baseball cap (with a mild tone).

Just another street in Buenos Aires

  • Steve

    Great photo. Have you seen the ezprints.com calibration photo? Seems to have come from the same street. I got it from them a year or two ago and although I mostly use Mpix for custom work, I still use the print to test/adjust my printing when I try new papers. It is actually quite a difficult picture to print properly, thus making an excellent test for proofing and print adjustments.

  • Great colors Trey . Now , do you travel on your own or are you on assignment for someone ? Either way , it is great that you have such a blessing to travel around the world , it teaches you a lot about our neighbors and even about yourself . God bless you and keep up the good work . Always look forward to your new pictures .

  • Thanks!

    Steve – no I have never seen that – interesting coincidence.

    Jimmy – I traveled to Argentina on my own… just bought a ticket and met some friends down there… thanks for your comments!

  • casusan

    This is so colorful and lively Trey – love it!

  • Great picture! by the way, Caminito is more “the most famous street of Argentina” than “just another street in Argentina”!

  • Can’t beat this shot for a rainbow of colors…..Nice catch !!!

  • Very cool, I remember that place. I have one in my “to post file” from almost that exact place. By the way, do they serve enough meat down there or what? Great wines too!

  • Trey, you may want to read this, it explain something about that gorgeous street:


  • Hi Trey!
    I’m new at this HDR business, but keep improving each time I try it ๐Ÿ™‚
    By the way, I’m from Argentina, and also, from La Boca ๐Ÿ™‚
    What Tom Duca’s link says is correct. The colors of the buildings in that street become all from ship-paint leftovers. Since then (and because of all it’s history) Caminito is officialy known as a museum/street. Nowadays neighbors aren’t allowed to change the appearance of this street.
    Well there’s only a few things to say, like: Great site, amazing photos, and.. please tell when you’ll be coming back ๐Ÿ˜›
    That’s all. Best regards from Argentina.

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