The Safehouse

Sorry about the long gap in posting! You know my promise to you is a photo every day, 365 days a year. This is a promise I break several times a year, so it’s hardly a promise. But, yesterday just happened to be one of those days.

Whenever I don’t post, it usually means I am traveling somewhere EXTREMELY remote that has no hint of internet. Those places are fewer and farther between nowadays! …but at least I’m getting some good stuff for y’all!

Today’s photo is from a forgotten field in the south of Argentina, not too far from Ushuaia. There was a housing community near here that was built then abandoned when the lake level started to rise. It was full of old husks of structures that were still beautiful in their own way (and doubly so at sunset).

The Safehouse

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    Oddly seeing this and the background for the last but one image (Russian gentleman) make me want to go out to South America even more. Not sure why an abandoned hut adds to it when I am looking at Peruvian mountains!

    I take it the “effect” round the sun is a characteristic of the lens Trey? As I have seen similar with a number of wide angle lenses and I know you don’t do much (if any) retouching in PS, just your layer work.


  • charles

    The safehouse doesn’t look to safe to me. Love the sun star.

  • Incredible colors here!
    Excellent shot (as always).



  • Steve

    at Gareth

    Shoot at that angle with a tiny aperture (f22-32) and you should get a starburst with a normal or even long focal length lens. Polarizers and some anti-glare coatings excepted.

  • nick

    Beautiful colors … very striking!

  • You know, you could schedule posts ahead of time when you know you’re going to be in a remote area. 😉

  • Jonnyallover

    This is so lovely. Such beauty in the a deceptively unremarkable setting. Your technique brings out a powerful image that is a powerful art and, for me, reminiscent of the Monet haystack paintings. Thank you for so generously sharing.

  • Jill Baxter

    Trey, that is incredibly beautiful. I confess I really don’t know anything at all about HDR (whatever) photoprocessing. I know several photos are taken, and placed over each other, and the colors enhanced, (I think) my son does it, however this is so very beautiful it is much more than a photo, it is a painting, a work of art. I fell in love with the colors and all the imagery. It could never be considered a photo alone of the scene and its surroundings. If I was actually there, how much of the scene would actually be there?

  • Wow, the way the light shines through the grasses and flowers is really nice!
    Also, I saw your old (and no where near as good as your more recent photos) shots from Amsterdam a few weeks ago, and wondered whether you had any advice, or could recommend good locations for HDRs in Amsterdam. (I’d particularly like to get some night shots with blurry cars and light trails).
    Thanks a lot, Dan

  • Doesnt look so safe =)

  • Thank you all!

    Gareth – Yes the effect is part of the lens and part of the HDR process. Sun rays have a lot of dynamic range.

    Jill – Thanks! Well, the colors are not necessarily “enhanced” by HDR. All the colors are real and there… colors are not swapped out or dialed up. You’ll probably notice the difference between this and when someone just goes into photoshop and cranks up the saturation – that is different.

    Dan – ANYWHERE is good there in Amsterdam… just get lost and find stuff… canals and reflections everywhere! Also, get on a train to Haarlem if you have time.. it is quite nice too… and a little windmill classic place in between (ask your hotel).

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