One of the Ruskies in my D&D Party

There were 6 of us, which is more or less the optimum number for a good campaign. I was the only Reaganite-capitalist among the five Soviet interlopers. I think, if we broke down people by personality and skillsets, we had a warrior, a shaman, a monk, a bard, and two clerics.

This guy, Vulva, would have been the monk. I’m not sure how to spell his name for sure, but he did respond to the word “Vulva”, if you put a little “w” sound with the “v”. Remember how Chekov was looking for the nuclear wessels? It was something like that. I say that Vulva was the monk of the group because his fingers and wrists were richly festooned with all sorts of Buddhist paraphernalia that he had picked up while in Tibet. He’s the sort of guy that would be really intimidating if it wasn’t for his kindness and zen peace.

Behind him are the Andes on the southern tip of Argentina.

One of the Ruskies in my D&D Party

  • And MOST importantly … a Canon shooter ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for the shot Trey.

  • Hehe yes a Canon shooter… Interloper! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Pol

    No rogue or barbarian? ๐Ÿ˜€ Great shot

  • Canon? Do they make those in Russia?
    Great portrait Trey.

  • Gail

    Sounds like you were in good company on your trek to the Andes, Trey. Very nice photo of Vulva. Thanks for sharing your stories of you Andes adventure with us!!!!

  • Valek

    Trey, his name is most probably “Vova”, which is common short for Vladimir in Russia. How do you run into all these Russians?

  • Noah

    Trey, great shot yet again. Nice blur on the background, though you still get a sense of the majesty of those mountains. Is this any HDR shot or a single shot that you processed?

  • Mitch Sacks

    Hey, that’s not an HDR image, what’s up wit dat?

  • casusan

    Good shot of him Trey – he looks nice!

  • Michael D. Jones

    I could spend weeks just going through your site and reading the stories and all the cool things you have done Trey. Nice portrait of a seemingly awesome dude.

    ( And yeah, VERY cool that he is a Canon Shooter … lol )

  • Nice portrait…..Yeah Canon!!


    well.. great shot as usual. but what prompted me to post the comment was your group makeup. The 2 clerics was a bit overkill on the healeage. Maybe a shadowknight or one of those weak paladins would ahve made better sense. J/K…

    I do enjoy your blog a lot. Keep them comming.

  • Enrico Gutierrez

    Hi Trey, love your shots…very inspiring. I’ve been lurking at your site for quite sometime now and I wanted to ask…for your HDR landscape shots do you use special filters for your lenses to achieve the look of your photos? That is, do you use ND grads and polarizers? I wanted to try your HDR techniques and just wanted to know if you use filters on your lenses. Thanks and more power.

  • Thanks everyone! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Sorry I have been traveling and am not able to keep track of comments as well as usual…

    Enrico – most everything I do is in my HDR tutorial -I don’t use any filters at all – just pure glass hehe

    Noah – yes a single-shot HDR – not much effect here… just tiny amount.

  • Deb

    Great picture! He has an interesting face and the background suits him.

  • Rod

    My question is which one are you?

  • Enrico Gutierrez

    Wow you’re my new idol. Most of my photo buddies use filters such as ND grads and polarizers(with lots of trial and error) to achieve your HDR look. I am motivated by your tutorial. Keep doing excellent stuff. : )

  • Thanks!

    Rod – I don’t know… maybe the shaman… sort of the John Locke from Lost archetype I guess!

  • Russian ? I think Ukrainian, viewing the alphabet on his headwear…
    Anyway, maybe not so different from russians …

    Nice portrait btw.

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