The Waters of Thailand

My friend Ben Willmore is heading to Asia and looking for suggestions! I recommended exploring the waters of Thailand… it’s really a very cool and unique area. Maybe not the “cleanest” waters in the world… but certainly good for photography. Below is a collection of a few for you! The last one is of a very crowded floating market, about two hours outside of Bangkok.

Also, have you all ever heard of Cali Lewis on Geekbrief.TV? It’s a good show that I subscribe to. Anyway, she recently used one of my backgrounds on her little newscast. You can see the video here. if you like what you see, send her a note that it’s cool! 🙂 I do this sort of thing via Creative Commons (no commercial use without permission)… I like it when people re-purpose the art to use in new and creative ways like this. Cool.

Bangkok Belly Flop

Hot Raw Sewage

Escape from the Thai Snake Farm width=

Jam at the Floating Market

  • Hi Trey,

    I like the 2nd photo in particular. Amazing photo and a great processing as usual.


  • Ryan

    Hey Trey, is the first pic a single exposure HDR, or do you have some fancy photoshop plugin that gives it that ‘painting’ effect?

  • Great photos, Trey. I like three out of the four, very colorful. Love the kids jumping in the water!!! The brown water coming out of the big tube didn’t appeal to me, but most of that picture did. Just sad to see that happening. But it does all over the world. Thanks for sharing, hope your friend enjoys his time in Asia.

  • Great shots. I also recommend the floating markets. It’s quite the experience! I’d also recommend Mongolia.

  • casusan

    Love these shots Trey – so full of life and you really get the ‘feel’ of the place – super!

  • Some folks get to go to Thailand. I only got to take two 10-hour night trains to and from Flagstaff but managed to take about 500 shots in three days and 900 miles of photo-safari. Most will either be HDRs or panoramas. It is going to take some time to process. The style is photo-realism. If you would like to share just go to Thank you so for the continual inspiration.

  • Trey…send Ben my email address…I can give him tons of suggestions for places to shoot in Asia…it’s been my home for 15 years…would be happy to help him out.


  • Thanks all!

    Ryan – yes – I pretty much use the same tools that are outlined in the HDR Tutorial and the “Reviews” section of the website here — can’t remember which I used!

    Daryl – thanks for the link! 🙂

    Scotty – go ahead and send it to him directly (I am presently out of pocket) – tell him you are an old friend of mine – he may have time to come to see you in Indonesia.

  • Kerry

    As for destinations in Asia – I love Vietnam, the people and the scenary are wonderful. Other areas including Thailand, Laos, China, Malaysia, etc are great, but Vietnam is definately a must for me!

    Love the photos.

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