An Open Air Lounge in Kuala Lumpur

Isn’t this place awesome? It’s a bar on top of a roof of the Trader’s Hotel in Kuala Lumpur. It looks out across the new skyline at the Petronas Towers. Malaysia is a pretty hot and humid country, so sometimes it’s not quite so comfy to sit outside. I don’t like to sit outside in muggy conditions… I just don’t. I remember that I played indoor soccer there in Kuala Lumpur on another night and it was one of my top 10 sweaty nights. Afterward, the only way to cool off was to drink about 128 oz of iced carrot-milk. That doesn’t sound very good, but it is.

Also, I’ve gotten a few questions about how to make those videos. I use Screenflow, and I I have a little review there along with a video. It’s a great program — only for the Mac, I’m afraid… but very cool and fun to use.

In completely unrelated news (if you follow my Twitter, you already get these little life-tidbits), my 3-year old daughter Isabella will no longer sleep alone because she is scared of the Burger King after she saw this commercial. BTW, I try to keep my tweets about 34% inspirational art finds from other artists, 33% interesting life tid-bits (and no, I don’t tweet when I am standing in line at a coffee shop), and 33% links to new works/projects of my own.

An Open Air Lounge in Kuala Lumpur

  • Telling stories about your top 10 sweaty nights could be a little too informative. ๐Ÿ˜›

    Great shot. An excellent subject for HDR!

  • Holy Crap!

  • Mike Diblicek



  • Jacques

    That shot is superb!! Love the warm tones!!

  • Gail

    This is a beautiful photo, Trey. I love how you captured the colors inside and out. What a view!!! Looks like a lovely place to relax and enjoy!!!! Great job!

  • Barb

    The Burger King gives me the creeps too. If I woke up to him standing in my bedroom, I’d never want to sleep alone either.

  • ihz

    Brilliant~ I’m ashamed of myself for not able to explore such nice spots even I was born in Kuala Lumpur.

  • casusan

    Love this shot – beautiful colors – so vibrant! Poor Isabella!

  • Welcome to Kuala Lumpur! Hope you enjoyed your stay here.

  • Thanks!

  • Love the shot! Welcome to my homeland ๐Ÿ™‚ Sigh, I truly miss Malaysia! The skyline is fab ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Totally awesome!!! I love it.

  • Noah

    How did you meter this scene? Did you you 3d matrix and let it meter for you? What ISO and aperature did you use? Great shot and would love to shoot dark inside shots like that.

  • Hi – I’ve been following stuckincustoms for a while now and have learned a ton from your site, especially about HDR processing. Thanks for sharing so much of your technique and also for taking wicked photos.

  • Thanks everyone.

    Kiran – yes KL is great ๐Ÿ™‚

    Noah – yes 3D matrix the automatic.

    John – great – thanks very much!

  • Wow! This shot is awesome. Definitely the work of a Super Genius. Not only because it’s a great shot, but the idea of the angle tells us a story about how beautiful our world can be, inside out………… wherever we are….!!

  • I love your photos the moment I came by your blog not too long ago. I am a fan of landscape photography and I love your landscape photos. What made me came back often is because you took so many great photos in Malaysia that I never thought was that beautiful until I saw your photos! Yes, I’m a Malaysian myself =)

    I did quite some number of HDRs lately. It wasn’t good by I’m experimenting it to find the style I like. I have to admit I got inspired by you! So keep em coming, yea? =)

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