Alone in Qatar

Qatar is one of those little financial powerhouses in the middle east that has no shortage of the accoutrements of fine living. This is the Qatar Airlines terminal, where I was practically alone except for an army of servants, none of whom were from Qatar.

While on the flight, I got this Qatar Airlines sleeping-shirt that was long-sleeved and just about one of the nicest shirts I’ve ever gotten. My family makes fun of me because I wear it all the time around the house at night. It’s soft, fits perfect, and, did I mention it’s soft? One time, our maid washed it and misplaced it for a few weeks. I was lost without it… I kept asking everyone, “Where’s my Qatar Airlines shirt!” They thought I was crazy… But now, it’s back in my control and everything is okay.

Alone in Qatar

  • Great shot, Trey. The place shows great warmth, but I guess that’s normal in Qatar 😉

  • Beautiful restaurant. Have you used somekind of glow filter? I’d love to dine there

  • I bet u went there during their Ramadhan month, so that’s why the restaurant is so empty.

  • Gail

    Nice photo, Trey. Must have been lonely to be there all by yourself. That’s cute about your shirt ;-). You’ll have to go back there and get another one or two for the future, lol. Have a great day!!

  • peculiar

    You should take a picture of the Amazing Sweatshirt. Haha.

  • Great photo! With the HDR in this one you can easily pick up the whole feeling of the restaurant.

  • I love Qatar! I wish I had had my camera with me when I was there because there are so many cool places to get shots of. I hope you’ve got some of the City Center Mall in Doha somewhere. Most awesome mall I’ve ever seen. Keep up the awesome photos, man. I love ’em!

  • excellent HDR … love it !

  • casusan

    Beautifu Trey! Love the rich golden tones – glad you got your shirt back!

  • Thanks all!

    Tuomas — it does have some kind of a glow – but i did not use a filter — most of my actions are custom.

    peculiar – Well — I’m afraid you would find a photo of me in the shirt quite mundane!

  • outstanding HDR – I love it because of what it represents. I’ve been working on some HDR images for a local property management company – doing it to try and gain exposure. I think this is something that businesses can use to set themselves apart. I am going to ask a few businesses in the city if I would be able to gain access to photograph a bar/restaurant and provide them a few photos if they are interested. Do you do this when the place is closed or opening?

  • This is again one of the best of yours.

    amazing feel of the place

  • Steffen

    When you know the Qatar Airlines Terminal you can see the thing called “boring” through this beautiful picture.

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