Approaching the Inner Temple

These places were a joy to explore. My friend Ben Willmore is heading to the temples of Angkor soon, so I am hooking him up with some of the locals there that helped get me around. I’m sure he’ll have as much fun exploring these places as I did. While it was fun, there was sometimes not a stable place to step. I don’t have the strongest ankles in the world (thanks to a bunch of soccer injuries), so it got a little sketchy in spots! When you see some of those distant mysterious doorways, it’s hard not to want to trample over to have a closer look.

Approaching the Inner Temple

  • Exploring 12th century temple should be awesome indeed Trey. Wonder what it was like to be there when it was just built. To walk around with Mr King Suryavarman II checking out the biggest temple in the capital.

  • Great photo, Trey!! Must have been a fascinating place to visit. Thanks for sharing!!

  • After reading the Steve McCurry’s book about Angkor… and seeing your wonderful photos of that place, I feel the need to go to that place.
    Thanks for bringing it a little closer to me.

  • casusan

    Good one Trey – yes, walking over that would be tough!

  • Facebook User

    Did not realize you were friends with the amazing Ben Willmore, whom the great Burt Munroy described as the Master of HDR. That’s pretty cool!! Love his videos, and his sweet RV setup. Nice photo of AW.

  • Tim

    Great photo. I was in Siem Reap last fall and still cannot get over the beauty and scale of Ankow Wat. While in Siem Reap I highly recommend eating at the Dead Fish Tower. The food may be just good, but the atmosphere is enough to keep coming back. It’s like Dr. Seuss and Escher designed the place.

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