The Abandoned Harrods in Buenos Aires

There are parts of Buenos Aires that are not too safe to walk around by yourself.  This part was not so bad, but there were several abandoned stores around, including this Harrods.  I was surprised to see such a nice store in a state of disrepair, especially after visiting its Valhalla-like anchor in London.

Out front, there was a man playing the violin alone.  It echoed around in a strange way through the acoustics of the tile, the roof, and the lonely streets.  There was a Argentine rhythm he mixed into his playing that really made me feel like I was in a different place.

The Abandoned Harrods in Buenos Aires

  • I love this photo. It has a completely different style than any of your other photos.

  • Stunning. Love the high contrast.

  • Nice shot,
    I’ve been meaning to ask you when you are going to tell that story of how you stepped over a dead body for the first time in Yogyakarta, which you said you would, but never did.
    (That sounds horrible – but you can’t help but feel curious)

  • Emily

    Many years ago in Santa Fe, late at night after the stores were closed, I was among a crowd of people that began to follow a fellow trying to find just the right spot to play his homemade didgereedoo (sp). He seemed to be looking for just the right acoustics. He wasn’t looking for an audience, rather he seemed to want to get away from the crowds, but people were intrigued by the sounds as they bounced around off the glass-fronted buildings, granite monuments, etc.

  • Thanks!

    There was some talk on the flickr stream that maybe this was not a REAL Harrods….. that they stole the name? It’s possible – the “H” is a different font it seems.

    Dan, I’ll include that story with the next Indonesian street shot! 🙂

  • I remember this building quite well – it’s along a very busy street, Florida if I remember correctly, and there are street performers up and down the whole road.

    This is an absolutely beautiful photograph, and it makes me want to go back to Buenos Aires so badly.

  • casusan

    Wonderful shot Trey – would like to have been there and listened too!

  • Well, I visited a real Harrods store in BA in 1988. I don’t know whether or not this one is it, but there was a genuine Harrods there back then.

  • Facebook User

    Trey, can you explain how you converted to perfect black and white?

  • THanks all!

    Maurice – I used the tool described at the end of Nik Software review at

  • Pato

    Hi, i`m from Buenos Aires. This is a real Harrods store. It opened in 1912 and closed arround 1993 due to problems with the main office in London

  • I’m from Buenos Aires too. This was a real Harrod’s as Pato said. Main office in London didn’t accept to recycle the building after local regulations, fired all staff and just flew away. Seems to be so far for posh flashes ! 🙂

  • Love your ohter new toy project ” The Moments Between ” , I think a good name for the process or technique could be ” Pictures in Motion ” , let me know what you think about it Trey . Wow , just can’t wait to see more about it . Again , thank you for your time and talent.

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