Industrial Storage in Houston

On the drive back from Houston to Austin, I pulled over to a small town just outside the sprawl. One of them had a bunch of old industrial tanks, pipelines, towers, chutes, and other mysterious bits and pieces. The light was getting just about right, so I started walking around to explore it with my tripod. I set up here and fired away.

Industrial Storage in Houston

  • Shaurya

    Amazing!!! feels like i am in a gaming arena without a gun..

  • Mark H

    Love this shot! As an avid gamer I appreciate scenery like this.

  • Thanks! Mark, I’m an avid gamer too… I’m right there with ya 🙂

  • Out of curiosity, what town was this in? Great shot!

  • Looks like one of the PS3 games…. Looks fabulous

  • casusan

    Cool Trey! Love the look of the tanks!

  • Mike Diblicek

    Hi Trey,

    Great photo, love the composition.

    All the best


  • Jacques

    Awesome photo! As other have said, a very First Person Shooter feeling; reminds me of the hours I have spent fragging baddies in games like Half Life (original and 2) , Ghost Recon and Battlefield! Thanks for the memories.

  • Great eye! Another very cool HDR shot–I always enjoy your work.


  • Travis

    Makes me think…if I shoot one of the barrels will it explode?

  • Kristen B.

    Beautiful shot. Would be a perfect place for my son’s band promos! 🙂

  • Walid Rahman

    It’s called old katy i love it everything there is very old and rusty i got some great shots.

  • Thanks all!

    Hehe cool that you were just there Walid — Katy – that sounds right!

  • Wicked except enormous amount of pixelation on sky. Dunno if you care but try creating photofusion image and mask sky from it. It creates very nice skies without pixelation.

  • *Exposure fusion* Correction to previous

  • Great job, Trey. I normally wouldn’t even look at a picture like this, but you brought such depth to the photo, it comes to life!! Turned into an interesting group of structures to look at. WTG!!

  • Thanks!

    Thomas – I left the noise there on purpose this time… usually I get rid of it… but I liked it in this grungy case.

  • Hmm have to say after looking another time, its might add some depth. It looks bit like “radiation” on sky which suits this as it looks like 3D shooter 😛

    Btw, I do HDR photography too but more locally as I can’t afford to travel a lot. If you have time sometime and want to, you could check some of my pics and give some feedback? Tho I can see you’re very busy. Drop me a msg on facebook and Ill give few links if you want to.

  • riverio

    hi…awesome photo….where exactly is this at ? old katy where at?

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