Climbing to the top of Hong Kong (and an interview on NPR)

This is an HDR from a single RAW file! I shot it while on an escalator inside a building… while the escalator was moving! I would have to say that one of the top three questions I get is “How do you make an HDR out of a moving subject?” Well, that is covered in page 3 of the HDR Tutorial here… Maybe some people don’t make it to page 3? I don’t know. It’s easy! 🙂

Also, I was recently interviewed on NPR for a the station WUKY. You can listen to the NPR interview here online. Enjoy!

Climbing to the top of Hong Kong (and an interview on NPR)

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  • Very cool. This is also the image for which you used a special method of sharpening, correct? I am curious about the large yellow “spot” on the left side of the frame (it seems distracting to me): is that how it looked like or is it some kind of artifact that arose in post-production?

  • Luscious! And congrats on the NPR interview!

  • Great capture! I love the sense of height and the reflections in the glass, good work! ;0)

  • I’ve been there! I like the different take on this – actually, I like the 1-shot perhaps more than some of the overdone, unrealistic HDR out there. It’s enough, but not too OTT.

  • Great shot, Trey, lovely colors!

  • Gail

    Great job, Trey!! Nice photo!!

  • Great shot! I’m headed to Hong Kong & Shenzhen in Nov. Recommend any good spots?

  • Thanks!

    Eugene – This one is just a single-image HDR. The yellowness you are seeing is a bit of the tint of the sunset through those THICK windows…

    Russ – Lots of good places.. you can’t go wrong… get up to The Peak at sunset for sure!

  • casusan

    Wow – cool shot Trey! The NPR interview was super good – way to go!

  • Beautiful! Looks like you might have had to choose exactly the right instant to get the shot and keep it this well-framed.

  • Woohoo! What a view!

  • The photo is amazing. I remember the time I went there, it was so hazy that I nearly can’t view any of the building.

  • Great image. With all the haze it’s hard to get a good shot from the peak.

  • Just beautiful. It looks so airy and inviting. A beautiful work of ART.

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