Meandering in the French streets after dark

I don’t sleep much, even when I am home here in Texas.  I get a good 5-6 hours of sleep a night; but when I travel, I’m so charged up I get less.  These foreign city streets seem to have a romantic sense about them, so that impedes even more on my sleep since there are so many great places to shoot.

This perfect little European medieval street was in Lyon, if I am not mistaken.  Sometimes I forget here in my old age.  There’s a 10% chance it is in Paris. There’s a long path from click to final image and my memory fades betwixt.

Walking the Streets of France After Dark

  • Hmm, certainly looks like the Sacré-Coeur in Paris unless Lyon has a similar structure!

  • Traian Pop

    Since the subject is so famous, it’s easy to find similar compositions on the net

  • anjah

    Hi, I’m french and i’m living near, so right, it’s paris 😉

  • Johannes

    As a temporary Paris-suburban resident I claim that this picture has rather a 99.5% chance of having been taken in Paris, Montmartre.

  • Nice mood there. Little bit like from a dream scene.

    Btw, feedburner on google doesn’t show your site title, only blank.

  • NiniNew

    Fantastic shot!!! very romantic walkway.

  • Matt

    With all your travel, I’m surprised you don’t have something GPS-based to indicate the locations of your shots.

  • Trey…LOVE this shot…really nice!!

  • Gail

    Just wait, Trey, another 25 years, you will think your memory was good at this time,lol. I think you are around our son’s age(37) where we are visiting now 😉 . I like this one, will have to save this weeks photos when I get home!! Great job!! I like the different shades of burgundy in this pic. Another one of my favorite colors, after purple. Sorry if I get to personal on my posts, I feel like I’m part of your extended family 😉

  • Thanks all – Paris it is! 🙂

    Thomas – I have heard that…. have no idea how to fix it! 🙁

  • casusan

    Oh wow! Love this! The shades of red – it just glows!

  • Guess I am a little late to comment here…..Paris it is, in fact, I just shot that location about a week ago! I know what you mean Trey ……. nice work as always 🙂

  • When I saw this, I was immediately thinking of Paris. The church looks like Sacre Coeur to me. I have never been in Lyon.
    The red tones are beautiful in the image.

  • Thanks!

    I still have a few people in the Flickr thread that think it is Lyon! So I’m confused now….

  • yothales

    Just to add my 2ct. I spent about six months in Lyon and that little street doesn’t ring any memories. From the look it had to be Croix-Rousse, but it ain’t. So, w/o checking the flickr comments, I don’t think it’s Lyon.

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  • Lacey

    Ahh, how familiar this picture looks!
    I used to live in France, and miss it dearly!

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