The Park in Buenos Aires

I didn’t get enough sunsets in BA, but I tried to make the most of what I had!  This picturesque park was enormous.  And I mean enormous.  We walked for miles before finding our final destination, which we made it to just in the nick of time.  The parks of Buenos Aires were pretty much what I imagined… the Argentineans stroll around parks with a certain sense of style.  It’s hard to explain…but kinda cool.

Also, Jim Austin has written a nice article about HDR for Apogee Photo Magazine entitled “Symphony in a Moment: HDR Nature Photography from Eight Maestros”. Very nice of him to call me a maestro – not sure I deserve that! The photo he included (“A Razor to the Sky”) I have put below… of that amazing mountain range called Fitz Roy. The way to catch that orange-pink morning light was to hike up another mountain in pitch-black conditions. It was certainly worth it, traversing the icy crest, catching that glimpse of the sun coming over the horizon of the Andes.

The Park in Buenos Aires

A Razor to the Sky

  • Beautiful!

  • Interesting – your pic on your site is much more vivid in color and saturation as on the page with the article – how come?

  • Nice reflections on the first one. Can almost feel how it was like there.
    Fitz Roy is stunning. That was one of the first images I saw on your web site and it is great to see it again.

  • Fantabulous!!!! The reflections are life-like in the first photo. The second one, is unimaginable that such a mountain with such a color exists.

    Great work Trey…..

  • Buenos Aires is such a magical city, it’s one of the most singular and revealing places that reflect all the style, fashion, buildings that came from europe, yet mixed with latin american cultures. here in chile is somewhat similar, however most spanish people came here, instead of italians.

    Nothing else to add to the Fitz Roy pic… it speaks for itself, however, you should go to (and take me on that trip) a place called Dientes de Navarino, in Navarino Island, Chile. I went once there and i’m still trying to catch days and people to come and stay for weeks to photograph and rock climb.


  • casusan

    Love both of these – sooo beautiful! Super article too – will visit his site more often!

  • Thanks!

    Birgit – that was an upload color problemo! Fixed it now.

  • Long time reader, first time responder. As always, your photography is absolutely wonderful. Actually, your work has created a common bond between me and my 16 year old daughter who also loves your work. Since discovering your site, she and I have taken up photography and regularly take “daddy-daughter” photo excursions (she with her D-70 & me with my D-90).

    Anyway, thanks for the inspiration!

  • Steve – thank you for the nice note – I like hearing that!

  • Maggie :)

    Remember how we walked forever with your big backpack, trying to find this spot? Remember how the bugs lingered about us, looming all around the pond? Remember how you took my photo, but I wasn’t sure how to be with your camera? Remember how they found us back there, and told us we’d ventured too far?

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