Exploring South America, a river from the Andes

This is probably one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been. I knew it was going to be pretty beforehand, but I wasn’t really prepared for the non-stop grandeur of the landscapes. We chose the perfect time to go, right in the middle of Autumn. The backpacking took about twice as long as expected. I couldn’t stop myself from holding up every few minutes to set up for another photo. It was irresistible!

In other news, I’ve cleaned up and updated the “About Me” page here on the site. That thing gets longer and longer… I’m sure it looks like I’m some kind of egomaniac! Hehe… but people keep asking me the same sorts of questions over and over, so it’s kind of grown organically over time. Plus, my publisher was asking for a photo for the back cover of the book. We’re leaning towards that first one… they kind of like the little story that was related to it (which, in turn, is related to this photo!).

Exploring South America

  • wow what an amazing place to be, love the contrast of warms and colds you got going on here! good sky too!

  • One of the best landscapes to date. I got my remote, photomatix, and a new lens to get out and try some stuff in Corpus Christi, TX.You’ve inspired me to combine my art with yours… Hence: HDR BAND PROMOS. Well see how it works!

  • I’m always as amazed that you have actually been to so many different places!

  • Love the sky in the top-right, looks like wispy strands of cotton. Something magical always happens when you combine snowy mountains with HDR as well – I tried it on a ski trip to Italy but the results were nowhere near as good as this. The more you look at it the more you appreciate what a great shot it is. I like the way there are little warm patches of light mixed with the cold blue snow. The new about me page is great too, and rather funny at times. I personally think you should make your flickr badge-winning title official, it’s rather catchy.

  • Trey,

    This place looks so beautiful that it almost seems like fake CGI. I hope you spent an extra few seconds soaking up the moment.

  • Bruce

    Superb! I just got my 20 in iMac and downloaded the original. Opened it in Preview and ran the slideshow. That view is amazing.

  • Another spectacular photo from the Andes!!!! It’s so pretty, love the fall colors along the stream, the snowy mountains in the background, and the puffy clouds in the sky!! Great job, Trey!! Happy Sunday, everyone!!

  • casusan

    Sooo beautiful Trey – we can tell by your photos you loved it there!

  • If i’m not confused with some similar landscape, that’s Ascencio river and in the background, there’s a cloudy sight of the three Paine Towers in chilean Patagonia. In front, i believe, it’s mount Almirante Nieto… wonderful place to be! you’ve caught with singular and unique beauty such beautiful and magical land.

    Always inspiring Trey, congratulations!!

  • Trey

    What a fantastic view of the world, definitely one of my favorites in my short time frequenting this blog.

  • Thanks! Glad you all like this one as uch as me…

    Mirko – I am not sure of the name of the river.. it might be!

  • Noah

    The is a great shot. I’d love to make it up there some time. Is this a multiple exposure HDR or single RAW? Also, did you render this one in photomatix?

  • Its a really great picture!! Thank you for visiting my country.

  • Gorgeous! Great colors!

  • Its nice pics,i like its.

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