La Recoleta – The Crypts of Buenos Aires

We are getting ever-closer to the release of the new Stuck In Customs Textures tutorial. The video is now over 90-minutes long and it’s full of all sorts of examples and new techniques that I’ve figured out over the past few years. I’ll go ahead and post the results of one of the finished products. I recorded video live of all these things… didn’t know how they would turn out before I started. I kept it live and voiced aloud my “thinking process” around accomplishing these images.

Everyone who has bought a previous Textures Tutorial will get a coupon for either the same level of product or an upgrade to a new “Ultimate Package”. The coupons will be very fair because we want to take care of all previous buyers.

This shot below is another from the outdoor crypt area of Buenos Aires called La Ricoleta. The airlines lost my bags, so I did not have my tripod! I had to walk around this awesome place without a tripod. So I had to do everything I could to wedge myself against statues and scary-spikey-gargoyles to try to stay stable.

La Ricoleta - The Crypts of Buenos Aires

  • I’m from Buenos Aires and I’ve a little correction to the title of this post:
    The name of neighborhood and sematary is “Recoleta”

    Excelent picture as always!

  • Yikes, I hate lost luggage. I have been fortunate in always being allowed to carry my tripod on board, even the small aircraft. Have you tried to, or do you prefer to just check it?
    Well done for no tripod.

  • Wow, this scene is scary! But I like it a lot.

    Trey, I just wanted to thank you for what you’ve done with this blog for me and countless other individuals. You’re highly transparent, share amazing links, and inspire so many of us. I thought about all these things recently and how much, for example, I learned from your HDR tutorial and incorporated the techniques I used in some of my images. So thank you for that.

    Another thing that I’ve been thinking about recently is that it costs us (you) virtually nothing to produce content and share the wealth with others. You don’t ask anything in return, but the amount of people you inspire is beyond words. For those of you who have passively observed Trey’s work and never bothered to speak up, share the links, or leave a comment, I highly encourage you to do so. In fact, in today’s photoblog post titled “the cost of something” that is exactly what I ask of my readers.

    Thank you once again!


  • Haunting. Beautiful. Stunning. This photo is a hybrid photograph and painting. The wonders of textures in Photoshop at work. Hmm… Some people like to boast about how many zillion of layers they used in their compositions. How many did you employ for this piece?

    Oh and the location! I wish I was there. Unlike some people, I will know no fear even walking around the crypts–even at night. There is this hush and silence that oddly appeals to me.

  • petrov

    hey Trey… perfect photo… perfect photo for my birthday 😛 thank you!

  • Hey Eugene, nice posting.
    I also checked your photoblog, quite nice!
    Wanna see all photos yet, so I bookmarket it, for my free time.

    Thanks again Trey for one more inspiration!
    Like for Eugene you have improved and given me even more joy to create amazing things for others! You and some others on internet, changed in some way, the way I live my life.

    I hope to share soon my fisrt HDR here. Simple but it’s my very first effort.


  • I usualy love the photos from SIC,this one is the exception,personaly I think that you went too far with the TEXTURE…still it is a beautifull picture,but sometimes ,less is better…Keep up the good work

  • Happy Birthday, petrov!!!! Saved your site in my favorites, Eugene, to look at later. Whoooo, spooky photo, Trey. Excellent textures on this one!! Great job. I don’t like to be in locations like this at night, lol. On a side note, please keep the folks, firefighters,2 have died, families that have lost their homes, etc in California in your prayers, I can’t imagine 164 sq. miles plus a blaze. Much larger then our year 2000 out here in the Bitterroot Valley, Montana. The smokiest summer we have had since we moved out here in 1999. Thanks for listening.

  • Thanks all!

    Eugene – very nice of you — much appreciated. Thanks for the links too.

    Karey – Thanks! I used just a few hehe… I have a little preview video coming… you can get an idea of how it looks!

  • casusan

    Wow! Looks like an old world painting – excellent Trey!

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  • Jenn Cooper

    Your picture of the crypts is so breath taking it caught my attention and wouldn’t let go….

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