The Waterfall in Horseshoe Bay

I recently went down to Horseshoe Bay for a little family reunion and went out to play golf on this amazing putting course. I’m not sure, but I’d have to say it’s one of the best in the world if not the best in world. It’s an 18-hole course with long, winding putting greens through meticulous gardens. I took a ton of photos at the place, and I’ll have to get around to processing them. Golf courses often make for great photography subjects… I need to do a lot more of that, methinks! I haven’t had much time for golf lately… also, it’s been over 100 degrees here in Texas for about the last two months… making me think even more about New Zealand!

Thanks for participating in the little photo mystery yesterday… many people got close (or right about on) the answer. I’ll try to do that more often… post strange photos and see who can figure out what is a-goin’ on.

The Waterfall in Horseshoe Bay

  • Frank

    Nice shot. Without the caption and copy, I’d be really scratching my head as to where this would be ( putt putt golf – but I wasn’t on yesterday’s – which I thought were some photos placed inside the diorama, but missed the chance to post) The gargolyles and the sky designs behind them are cool. Whimsical and light and not at all tacky like some mini golf, but those are fun, too!

  • Wow!! The waterfall looks very strange, is the any Lucis Art texture behind that? By the way the color in this picture really brings it up.. And the ‘lightpainting effect’ on the tree at upper left the frame was really nice :).. Awesome!!

  • Mhm,
    escape to NZ sounds great.
    You should take a flight with a connection in Sydney and stay there for a couple of days. I love this city and the sunsets are really nice right now.
    Plus… you don’t have to get up too early… it’s still “Winter” down here.

  • Wow, what a neat photo, Trey. Such beautiful colors. That must be a neat place to visit. Glad you had a chance to relax a little. Wish I could send you some of the rain we had here yesterday evening, but not the wind, hail, and lightening!!!! More in store today. I really wish we could send it to CA, to those poor people near those awful fires. We are truely blessed this year with our fire season, very mild compared to what they are going through. They are in my prayers, especially the friends and family of the two firefighters that lost their lives, so sad!!

  • The whole comp looks great as expected… but the way you captured the water falling… WOW, stunning!

  • casusan

    Cool shot Trey – that putting course sounds so cool!

  • Thanks!

    No special treatment on this one besides standard HDR technique…!

  • I am really a fan of the HDR look … particularly wide-angle landscapes. Thank you for the daily inspirations. There are other applications for HDR as well. Here is a “photo-realistic” composition using PhotoShop for alignment, Photomatix for HDR generation, Lucis Pro to perk up the detail, PhotoShop for background retouching, etc. This was done with three 1 f-stop FLASH bracketed pictures taken with a D-700 and 60mm macro. It is of a night blooming Cereus cactus (blooms open about 22:00 and fades at dawn). The subject is difficult because it is, basically, white on white on white. The Mt. Wilson fire can be seen in the opposite direction and will be my subject for tonight (winds favorable) but this time with 400mm telephoto.

  • Nice shot Trey!!

  • Oh! Very phallic! I’m likin’ it!

  • casusan


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