The Magic of Disney’s Main Street at Night

Disney after dark is very cool…  All the lights change and it comes alive even more, if possible.  One trick that I have picked up is the essential nap while at Disneyworld for the entire family.  We head back to the room after a busy morning and a carbo-bloat lunch for a family nap.  It keeps everyone sane.  And then, we can all stay up late with minimal chance of breakdown.  Seeing kids breakdown at Disneyworld is just not right… it’s not so Disney…

This one also has some nice details in the original size if you want to zoom in on Flickr… about 4200 pixels across methinks.

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The Magic of Disney's Main Street at Night

  • Frank

    Very sweet. I just got back from Orlando and here’s a nice reminder! This shot is a good example of the “forced perspective” that the imagineers used to create the world of Disney in our reality. Disney has some really swell “behind the scenes” tours that’s great for picking up stories and trivia and how they use high tech to create their magic. Highly reccommended. Leaving that all behind until the next time I get a chance sets in a saccharine Disney melancholy that doesn’t seem to effect other kids unlike the kids like us (adults)!

  • You have to love those theme parks. I know it’s not quite the same but the “Ekka”, the Brisbane show, recently came and went, I had a go at a time lapse of sorts. check it out: (second post down)

    As always Trey’s work is excellent. 🙂

  • Very pretty colors at Disney at night indeed, Trey, nice photo!!! Loved the newsletter and passed it on to many in my address book. As 2 of my sisters paint, they like your pictures for ideas. If you get time, take a look at my non-professional photos of our Kootenai Creek fire. Some are better than others. I’m taking pictures everyday it’s active. As long as it’s staying up there in the wilderness, that’s a good thing. Soon the Sept. rains/snow up there/ will come and our fire season will come to an end. It was a very mild year, thank the Lord!!!!

  • Jay

    One thing I’m curious about, did the Mouse allow you to bring in a tripod (which begs the question, did you use a tripod for this shot).

  • casusan

    Cool shot Trey – love the castle in the distance!

  • I always wanted to shoot Disneyland at night. However, by the time I got there a year or so ago, they were taking biometric information (sharing it with State, Federal and Local authorities) from everyone who wanted to enter. I can’t believe I drove all of the way to Florida before discovering this. I imagine I am one of the few that makes a stink and drives back to Texas without entering.

    At least I can experience it vicariously through your eyes.

  • Thanks all

    Jay – yes – never had any problems with a tripod there.

    Erik – yes they do take all that crap… but I gave up the illusion of privacy a long time ago, I’m afraid…!

  • I’ve seen many a good family who didn’t understand the whole “break in the middle of the day” thing. I have to agree, that is the key!

  • My wife has a yearly pass at Disneyland. This makes me want to go along with her some evenening … but not $60 worth. I’ll just have to take pictures around home. Some HDRs and other things on:

  • Trey – absolutely phenomenal job with the movement, lighting, etc.! Love the solid tangible details of the cart with the motion in the background. I’m working on improving my HDR images and recently bought PS, and am hoping that will help bring the final details to my images…suggestions on masking with the background noise to get a better visual of the movement? Many thanks, I continue to be amazed at your work and always enjoy it! See a sample disaster HDR here:

  • Is it me or is it slightly easier to work with nighttime HDR. Trey, love your stuff, my last few shots remind me of some of yours….check them out here and here

  • OK teacher … I am comparing the alignment features of Photomatix with PhotoShop. There is a comparison pair here:

    I seem to be having better luck doing alignment with Photoshop, saving the layers as files and THEN using Photmatix with no alignment. Any comments?

  • Experiment_626

    Disney does NOT share any biometric data — they take a portion of a fingerprint (not enough for ID purposes, except when compared to the same portion taken earlier — and the resolution isn’t high enough for ID purposes either). If you object, you can ask a cast member and they’ll let you in without it, though I think you do have to show a photo ID.

    I hope no one was REALLY foolish enough to drive from Texas to Florida and not go to the parks because of this — if so, it was completely unnecessary.

  • I think that HDR at night is actually more difficult than daytime. Most cameras cannot automatically do a shutter speed longer than 30 seconds, and often longer exposures are necessary at night. Also, ambient light in the night sky can also be an issue. The results are worth the effort, though!

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