Morning on the way to the mountains – and a new newsletter today!

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(btw sorry about the re-post of the harley pic… I am 96% mistake-free, but that lowers my average)

This photo below was taken when driving around the southern part of Argentina. I thought this was a nice sign heading off to a secret mountain hideaway in the Andes… certainly a moment worth capturing!

Morning on the way to the mountains - and a new newsletter today!

  • This is a great photo. Very atmospheric. I very much like the sign!

  • I like about photo of HDR.It’s very convulsion!

  • casusan

    Cool shot – you had a loooong way to go! Looking forward to the newsletter Trey!

  • Steve

    Don`t get me wrong a great shot, but not your best

  • HeathAnni

    Just like I said before – anything you take a photo of turns out gorgeous!!

  • Hey Trey!

    Wonderful shot! i must admit that i wa born in Patagonia and have spent my life in chilean Patagonia, so this comment is highly biased, jajaja

    I really enjoy your work and i’m looking forward to practice my hdr shots!! you know who to call when you visit patagonia again!


  • casusan

    Super awesome newletter Trey! Chocked full of good infor and videos! Way to go – can’t believe you do all this by yourself!

  • woow, you take really awesome photos! i am glad of this one as i am Argentinian.

    Congratulations, xxx

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