The Hot Stream Through the Morning Forest

I finished up one of the bonus videos tonight for new textures tutorial. I was very pleased with the way this one turned out, so I wanted to upload it! There is not much on this one… just a few secret effects.

This forest was all steamy and foggy in the morning. Part of the steam was caused by this little stream flowing through here. It had been a few days since I had seen my family, so I pulled out my Flip and made a little video. I went over to the steaming water and dunked my hand in there. It was pretty hot, but not burning hot. If I had more time, I probably would have crawled inside… so… I was trying to explain to my kids they should not touch steamy water at Yellowstone… but sending them mixed messages as I was dunking my own body parts in the middle of them, showing them how awesome it was!

I think we might be able to get a new video up for you tomorrow that was shot by my friend Scott in Atlanta. The newsletter is almost finished too, and it will include a special link to the longer, 45-minute uncut video. Scott was nice enough to share that one too!

The Hot Stream Through the Morning Forest

  • again a very artsy pic – makes you really want to check out your textures tutorial . Your indeed doing great when it comes to photography and marketing ! Thanks for all the inspiration on your blog

  • Very nice Trey. More very “painting like” work from you.

  • Another masterpiece! Thanks Stuck in Customs, you are my biggest inspiration! Can’t get enough of your creations…

  • Great location here. The flare is too much for my personal liking however.

  • Wow, how beautiful, Trey!!! I saved this one in my “Trey Ratcliff” folder so I can add it to my Trey album in facebook. I know there’s a way to do it in facebook, but this is just easier for me as I’m old ;-), oops no reflection on your Mom, lol. She is 3 days older then me, lol. But she is like me and is very busy and keeps herself young. You didn’t fall far from the tree ;-).

  • Trey, love this shot….Secret effects??

    Looking forward to the newsletter….keep up the great work!!



  • Thanks y’all.

    Gail – hehe yes no prob…

    BTW, I did not “Add” that lens flare… I never add a flare. It happens a lot with my 14-24 when I shoot into the sun. I leave them in because I think they are pretty and look cool.

  • hmm… Being an avid follower of your photos/blog, I personally feel the lens flare in this picture is pretty disturbing

  • casusan

    Ohhh pretty pretty! I love the lens flare too!

  • Sometimes imperfection is perfect. I like the lens flare it ads character.

  • This is a really nice shot. I like the way the hues subtley change throughout the image.

  • Hey, Thank you for sharing this, I will put a linkback from back to this site , so people can take a look at this !

  • trey loving this one, I like your choice of hues and tones. Seems to flow from warm to cool bottom to top – Well done!

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