La Ville de Paris Gets Ready for Night

I was on the hill in the Montmartre part of Paris just after the sun had set. I pointed the camera over the sprawl of the city just as the lights were coming on for the evening. I made it my personal mission to walk down into the city that evening, meander around, and visit at least three pastry shops and eat a silly number of desserts. I tricked myself into thinking that I might be burning a lot of calories by doing so much walking. It’s amazing how easily I was able to justify French desserts.

Le Ville de Paris Gets Ready for Night

  • You did it again. I wore myself out this afternoon working on old HDR images and decided to knock it off for a few days. And now I have some more inspiration. Dad-rat it. Done in again.


  • petrov

    what can I say……maybe nothing :))) amazing pic….:) good job!

  • “LA ville de paris…” . French guy that loves your work and speak english like…a french guy!!!

  • LOL, Trey, I sure couldn’t follow you around. I love desserts ;-)!! Great photo of Paris at night. Thanks for sharing.

  • Beautiful city. Now I’ve got an itch to go back.

  • Trey, one of my friends said you should make postcards. I told her to save the picture to her computer, print it, and use it as a postcard, simple, hey. Hope you don’t mind. I don’t think you sell those yet?

  • Thanks all!

    Fabrice – thanks for that… I get the feminine and masculine confused in French… which is inexcusable after 4 years of taking French!

  • Ooh la la! 😀

  • How perfect to see this. I just booked a flight to Europe and leave in 8 days. As always, your work is inspiring!!!

  • If i can help you in French it’s a pleasure…you help me every day in HDR photography! And i’m sure your French is better than my english!

  • casusan

    Oh wow! This is absolutely beautiful Trey! The clouds and the colors of the city are stunning – makes you want to get on an airplane!

  • David Ingram

    Great photo of a great city

  • Robert Alescio

    I’ll be in Paris in one month. My mission is to attempt to capture, if I can, the essence of what you have achieved in HDR. You photos are an inspiration. I take it this was from one RAW image?

  • Thanks all.

    Have fun in Europe Michael! 🙂

    Robert – no this was 5 exposures

  • Wow!!!

    This is the real Paris? It is a very nice shot!

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