The Old Coffee Mill and a Call for Flickr & Facebook to increase their small pic sizes

It is old indeed! This is from my newly discovered ghost town and favorite place outside of Austin to go for a fun afternoon shoot! As much as I love coffee shops, I hate to see one fallen apart into such a state of disrepair… but it does make a good candidate for some HDR!

If possible, zoom into the Flickr one and see the original size (via All Sizes+ on top) if you like all the details in these sorts of places. The one here on the blog is 900 pixels across but the original is 6048 pixels across, so the blog cuts out about 6x of the detail!

But, it’s better than the paltry Facebook or Flickr sizes which are so tiny that it’s kind of depressing… I think that is a major problem with those two services… the very small default size of the image usually does not do it justice. They should have two interfaces – a low and high bandwidth interface. That’s not too much to ask here in late 2009, is it?

The Old Coffee Mill and a Call for Flickr & Facebook to increase their small pic sizes

  • OMG – can we have coffee here and a photo shoot? Then go hang out Chuy’s for queso??? 🙂 Love your stuff Trey. YOU seriously are amaazing!!!

  • I really like this one 🙂
    About the picture sizes, i think that flickr isn´t even so bad (since you have that all sizes button), but facebook is really bad. Doesn´t matter which size you upload, it messes up with it, and makes it really fuzzy and everything … I don´t know how the servers on facebook are optimized, i don´t think, that the photo option is the main profile there right now. The idea with the high and low is a great one! Tell the responsible persons, maybe in a couple of years we get something like it 🙂

  • Luis Martich

    Did you use Lucis for this one?

  • It would be great to actually have the choice, esp on facebook. Although I actually resize most of my photos that I blog so the high res can’t be copied and kept – often on facebook i put the photos I wouldn’t mind being copied and kept, the ones from friends parties and days out.

  • Josias

    Those sizes are so horrible.
    Can’t believe that. Finally found one that thinks alike =)

  • Oh, and I’ve been folowing you this blog for some weeks. Great work you have.
    You inspire me! Thanks! :}

  • Trey, you’re the change agent! Let us know how we can help get r done on facebook. They’re losing customers in the photo world at least… Great picture!

  • Wow, looked at the original on flickr and wished I had it on our large tv screen, lol. You could see a face in the one limb of the tree to the left. I love this picture!!!! Great job, Trey!! A little hint on facebook. If you make a folder in My Pictures called Trey Ratcliff and then save all his photos there, you can add an album(if you haven’t gotten to many) in facebook and upload them into a facebook album called Trey Ratcliff’s pictures. Then everyone on your friends’ list can look at a larger view of all those photos. I know it’s a lot of extra work, but that’s what I do when I want to share something in a larger size. Check out my cute animal pictures, I downloaded some of them from the net. My favorite is the tiny monkey!! All are free to look at my photos, none are professional ;-).

  • Where is this town??? I’m in Austin, too, and I MUST GO!

  • Barb

    Facebook is primarily a social site. It wasn’t planned as a showcase that’s why you have your own website.

  • DJ Ox

    100% agree on the display size issues will Flickr and FB.

  • AMEN! I hate putting photos on facebook because of that. Unfortunatly most family and friends use it and that’s the only place that all of them will look. Many shots that are awesome turn to crap on facebook. At least flickr has the option to enlarge.

  • HeathAnni

    Beautiful photographs! I think you could take a picture of just about anything and make it gorgeous! I’m just curious though, on average, how long does it take you to finish a photo that you do in HDR?? I know it must take longer for ones that have people or animals, ect.. but how long for just a landscape or architectural shot??

  • Gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thats the only word I could utter Trey.

  • casusan

    Love this one Trey – wonderful colors!

  • Thanks all!

    Gail – thanks for the tip 🙂

    Courtney – this is outside of Brenham, the home of Blue Bell Ice Cream!

    Heath – it takes quite a while… I am faster at it nowadays, but it can take anywhere from 30 mins to a few hours.

  • Beautiful. I love this stuff! Just retired after 35 years of teaching. I’m just learning to do HDR and want to thank you for all your work and inspiration. I look forward to your blog everyday! Can’t wait to see your book.

  • Ansel Adams

    Last time I looked, Facebook and Flickr were free. You get what you pay for….

    Nice photo, wish I had been able to use Photomatix.


  • Bruce – very nice of you thanks!

    Ansel – Well – kinda – I pay yearly for the Flickr Pro account.

  • Gotta say this again: You know, you need a tutorial on “HDR” blog creation. That whole thing is so arcane it is insane. It is indeed, as you point out, 2009. There is just no excuse for all of this difficulty placed in the way of everyone.

    FYI: While not as severe as you, I was born with a 20/150 right eye and 20/30 left and I was right handed. Astigmatic. It took me about 10 years to figure out that I was trying to look down a bow, slingshot, pistol and even shotgun with my left eye giving me a “sidewise” view of the world. I taught myelf to shoot left handed and now I am “shooting” although not “writing” ambidextrous. Funny thing. I can now hit handily with a shotgun. Somehow this led to a rotaional dislexia when typing … going up/left instead of down/right, etc. It does change your entire outlook on the world and I think, like you, that it has influenced my perception of the world and how I process data. Never could catch a baseball except directly on the end of my left hand thumb. More jammed thumbs that way!! Couldn’t sink a basket for the life of me because of zip depth perception. It all led to running the high hurdles “goofy foot”. Little things like this change life a whole lot. Some good. Some bad. But definitely different.

  • Leonardo

    I also agree. Flickr, which is a blog / image hosting site, dedicated to photography, you would think that they made the image size bigger?

  • i was actually writing about issues with flickr / facebook / smugmug / zenfolio today. I’m working on it a bit more because I want to focus on somethings I like about them too hahah.

    the photo is fantastic and this location lends well to HDR for sure.

    I set up my photoblogs to be 900+ wide as well and I feel so much happier with them now.

    cant wait until we have wall screens in home and we can see the entire image!

  • Flickr has many shortcomings in addition to the postage stamp sized thumbnail, and I’ll name one. It would be nice if the commenting could be threaded and traced in a treeview style.. that way, real photography communication could occur. As it sits now, a comment is pretty much a one-way transaction.

  • Thanks all – good feedback.

    John – that is a great and obvious idea… they should do that!

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