The Old Wild Stampede

I am still working on this new Stuck In Customs Textures Tutorial. This is one I edited this evening while recording the how-to video. I commented in the beginning of the video that the initial photo was good and there may not be a need to add textures! But, then you end up with something that is also good, just different. It’s like deciding which of your kids you like better! They are all different and good! (Well, most of the time).

These horses came thundering onto the scene while I was walking down the road. I got myself behind a tree so I would not get trampled like Mufasa. I was lucky that they started kicking up dust in the right position relative to the sun so that their legs cast shadows through the cloud. I can’t take credit for that one!

The Old Wild Stampede (by Stuck in Customs)

  • i just love these wildhorses, i even love the new one even more, i love horses <3

  • The pictures are beautiful, although i am not crazy about HDR. I read your bio and saw some of your drawings. I am really impressed by those.
    And Kudos for being a really cool guy.

  • Great photo! The edit gives it gravity which adds depth the story it tells you. Congrats!

  • Iztaci

    Love this picture. I’d put this one on the wall if I could afford it, but, I’d have to rename it “The Old Wild Stampede… at a trot.”

  • Pol

    Fantastic photo. Really like the texture you added to it.

  • Looks like an antique painting :).

    Looks beautiful Trey. Is this an outcome of Lucis?

  • petrov

    great photo and texture, tell me guys, what is the most important thing, detail in photo…… light ?

  • casusan

    Cool shot Trey! It does look like the old wild west!

  • Thanks y’all!

    Iztaci – yes a bit more of a “trot” in reality I guess… just giving it a bit of poetic drama! 🙂

    Sathya – no – this one had no lucis – it’s part of the textures technique I am using.

  • WOW. Amazingly beautiful photo!

    my mom will love this!

  • Amber

    I love the colouring in this one, and the way the textures give the whole picture that painted quality. Gorgeous.

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