China Taking Over New York

This was taken in New York when crossing over towards Manhattan. There was a huge cargo ship from China pulling into harbor with the buildings of New York in the distance. I thought it was a fitting subject, so I snapped a quick one.

I also wanted to thank Cameron — a fellow photographer I met here in Las Vegas today. He works at the Lion King stage show here and he was nice enough to give my family a backstage tour after the event. It was really remarkable to see how everything worked… and my son and daughter were thrilled to meet Simba. It was quite a thrill! Thanks again Cameron — that was cool!

China Taking Over New York (by Stuck in Customs)

  • very cool quick snap. the perspective is great and I hope it is not symbolic of china taking over new york or something. Something about the shot feels off for some reason though. I can’t quite pin point it though. Is there anything in this photo that gave you issues Trey? I mean when it came time to post process the image?

  • Wow, that is one huge ship!!! We all need to buy American made products here in the U.S. That is when we can find them!!!! Neat picture, though, Trey. How nice for your family that you had that friend that took you back stage at the Lion King show. Wowee, I bet you kids were thrilled!!!! I would be, 😉 !! If I sound a little goofy, it’s because I’ve been awake since 2:30 a.m. One of those sleepless nights, ugh!! Going to be falling asleep in church this morning!!

  • casusan

    Wow! Beautiful shot Trey – love the clouds! And New York looks sooo tiny compared to the ship!

  • JM

    Yes. It’s wonderful when we issue stimulus checks here in the US, and we idiots go and spend it on chinese, korean, and japanese crap at Walmart. Just wonderful. Even more so is the “Cash for Clunkers” program. I am essentially helping broke people, who have no business purchasing new cars, buy automobiles from not only american car companies, which is bad enough, but from the Japanese, Korean, Chinese auto manufacturers as well.
    Hey, if I want to support some poor Chinese family, I’ll just write them a check.
    Sorry. it pisses me off. I live debt free except my mortgage, pay CASH for two-three year old automobiles, keep my finances in check, and the good ol’ US govmint, spends trillions into the whole and we stupid americans follow suit.
    When will we ever learn?
    Can’t wait until I retire so I can get the F*ck out of this country.

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