The Floating Umbrellas at the Shoppes at the Palazzo, and the Mac King Show

It was a busy day in Vegas (is any day here not?). We went all over creation… thank you for all the suggestions here on the blog and in Twitter!

The first shot below is from the recent expansion from the Venetian shopping area. It’s really beautiful inside and these designers should be given some kind of award! The best I can do here is try to honor their design with good photo of the place. It’s actually quite a difficult venue to capture! I have it from a few angles. There are many other beautiful ones, including one from down below looking up. I’ll be sure to include that at some point in the future!

After this, my friend Andrew Mayne (of recommended that we go to see the Mac King Comedy Magic Show. It was a great recommendation! I have pretty high standards (without being a snob), and this guy was just amazing. Ethan even got pulled up on stage to do all kinds of stuff… he was in heaven. After the finale, we went to meet him and I snapped this photo of Mac and Ethan. Anyway, I also recommend the show. It’s totally hilarious, family-friendly, and the magic is original and amazing.

Umbrellas at the Shoppes at the Palazzo (by Stuck in Customs)

Ethan and Mac King -sm (by Stuck in Customs)

  • Hey Trey. Firstly, I must say your tutorial is great. I have read it few months ago and went through it few times to better understand the techniques you are describing there. It is really an eye opener. Many thanks for sharing it. Even though I am sure you have few tricks that are not covered it allowed me to step up in my HDR processing to a new level. I am still experimenting with various techniques and looking for new results, but I consider your tutorial to be my strong foundation.

    Alright. I’ve got an idea that you might like. How about to organize a little contest for all those who used your tutorial? Let’s call it Stuck In Customs HDR competition for example. I am sure a lot of readers tried few things from your tutorial, got great results and will be happy to share them.

  • Good Morning Trey, happy Saturday. I had to go to Flickr to view your first picture. Wow, I’ll have to remember to visit that place when we go in October. I love the picture of the magician and your son. That is just precious. Glad he got to go up on the stage and have fun helping with the magic. I bet he was in heaven!!!! Glad the two of you had some Dad/son time together there. Can I be your adopted daughter, ha 😉 !!! I guess I’m a little old for that as I’m the same age as your Mom, lol. Have a good weekend!!!!!

  • The “floating umbrellas” is an extraordinary photograph. Perhaps you should submit it to the property manager with a suggestion that they use it in their promotional materials!

    Your son’s eyes are glowing with excitement. It looks like he had a wonderful time!

    Visiting your web site has become a part of my morning routine that I truly look forward to. Thank you so much for sharing your gift with the world!

  • P.S. I agree with Miss Linda, ditto for me!!

  • Mike Diblicek

    Hi Trey,

    Great photo of the umbrellas, i can’t believe the luck you have coming across these scenes so often, i guess i need to spend a little less time outside and a bit more time in Shopping malls ( that’s going to please the girlfriend)!!!!

    Nice shot of your son by the way, as the other’s have said, looks like he had a great time just looking at his face.

    Oh by the way Trey and all you other HDR fans, you may want to take a look at this site “HDRcreme”
    it has a great gallery, you can even search by camera model, so all those with say a canon G10 for example can see all the HDR photo’s taken with this type of camera and so on, there are some great HDR photographers out there.

    Have a great weekend

    All the best


  • Why is this so great?

    The subject matter is perfect for high dynamic range photography. HDR, being surreal itself, seems to lend really well to surreal subjects like these Umbrellas. The colors are great, vibrant and captivating. I love overscale items like this and your point of view from up above is different than many tourists I am sure. It looks like the people are a bit blurred and I think that is awesome because it adds a layer of movement to the static, frozen in time, umbrellas.

    Well done trey! I am going to watch the interview video soon. I havn’t had time to watch.

    Is anyone noticing the negative feelings toward HDR starting to disappear? I more people, whom were ititially against the use of HDR, are starting to realize it got huge benefits and a great look.

  • Thanks all very much !

    Linda – I am honored to be part of your daily rituals!

    And – everyone – thanks for the good long comments… I appreciate it! 🙂

  • I don’t understand…
    Have you set something weird on this image on Flickr Trey?
    I see “this image image is currently unavailable” (the Flickr message) from here, but can see it on Flickr.
    I assumed that no one could see it here, but no one else has commented that it is not there…
    (It is a great image as usual Trey!)

  • Re: Neil Howard.

    I can see that “Photo unavailible” message also. Maybe Trey reuploaded the image, and therefore has a different URL? but he replaced the image on flickr, so the description, title, tags and page location are all the same, just the actual image URL changed? If so, that would explain why you (and everyone else) can view the image on flickr and not on this blog…

  • Hmm that is strange – some can see it, some can’t. I just refreshed the image URL – that should help!

  • casusan

    Both are favorites – for many reasons!

  • Jim

    That has to be the 14-24 or a 10-20. Great shot. Will make a great poster or print for decorators…. Keep up the good work.

  • Travis

    Hey Trey. I was checking out the link in Mike Diblicek’s post above. I think someone copied one of your images and posted it here:

    Thought you would like to know.

  • Tim S

    couldn’t help but link the two together for the sea of umbrellas comment…

  • hehe yeah – good connection 🙂

  • Your work is great! I can’t wait to see more! You have a talent for capturing time and space!

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  • Hey Trey, I just posted a Las Vegas Image & thought I’d take another look at your Las Vegas images. Bev & I went to the Mac King show so the photo of Ethan with his Mack King shirt caught my eye. Did the Bear get him?

  • hehe yes – the bear did get him ! 🙂

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