Flowers of Diwali in India

When walking around New Delhi and getting lost in the backstreets, I came to an active area where everyone was selling accoutrements for the Diwali festival. I think the ladies knew that I was not a potential buyer, but all of them on the street were very happy to show me what they had to sell. Delhi itself is a very gray and dusty town, so it makes these colorful outfits and flowers stand out even more.


  • LILI


  • The flower in picture is

    In India, esp in southern India this is used in the final walk down of a person. (Funeral i mean… Celebrating death!)

    I used to wonder why this flower and why not others?. Then came to know the reason behind using this flower as it has got some of the best antibacterial capability.

    Since it is used in funeral, i am pretty sure you wont find this flower being sold for usage in South Indian temples and even women in southern India wont prefer to have it.

    BTW, its called “SAAMANTHI” in Tamil language. “???????”

    I think this is too much to dig during office hours. Thnx for the break Trey!

  • casusan

    Beautiful and colorful Trey!

  • Wonderful photo, Trey. Looks like a fun place to be during their festival!!! Boy, yesterday’s post sure did stir a lot of us picture taking folks up, didn’t it, lol 😉 !! Oh well, that’s coke’s loss, not yours. Great job as always, God bless and KEEP YOU SAFE in all places!!!!

  • Facebook User

    You need to go to the Lotus temple in New Delhi you won’t regret it 🙂

  • David

    Well done! It is always a nice surprise when you post a shot that isn’t “hdr”ed; it’s a great change of pace, and it accentuates your range.

  • Cool – thanks all.

    Dolby – Thanks for the added research – good info!

    Gail – yes it sure did hehe… there’s also a long thread on Flickr – I can barely keep track of it all!

  • Gail

    Trey, I heard back already from coke!!!!! I posted their response on my wall in facebook. Have a look. Very positive answer!!!!!

  • Swapnil Mantri

    @ dolby

    these flowers are also used for auspicious festivals and they make a garland similar to one that the lady is holding, and for diwali we add mango leaves in between each flower in like a alternate leave and flower arrangement,,, that garland is used for tying on home doors, or vehicles to bring good luck and is rarely used by women! good photo trey!

  • Amresh

    Wow !! wonderful Photo and these things makes Incredible
    India .

  • Dee

    With so much activity on the streets, it is an absolute beauty to capture all that’s around. Love,

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