Thanks for coming to the PhotoWalk!

Thanks to everyone who came downtown for the PhotoWalk tonight. It was lots of fun and I hope everyone got something out of it.

I asked everyone to please share their photos from the evening and encouraged people to comment on the photos of others. You can get this started by posting them either inside the Facebook Event Here, or, of you prefer Flickr, inside this thread in the Stuck In Customs group (which you can join).

According to the Driskill, we had about 160 people squeezed into the Victorian room. Cool! Is this one of the biggest PhotoWalks ever? Maybe so! Anyway, I hope you all enjoyed your assignments. By the time we got to the capitol, the group was a bit scattered! It was wild to see over a hundred photographers out there taking photos, using tripods, and running around to get the best angles. Very cool!

I set up to take some HDRs and talked through the process as much as possible. Around the backside of the capitol, I stopped here to take a photo. It just seemed like a nice spot with the little rolling hills and the evening lights. Like I explained to the group there with me, half is the shot, and the other half is the processing. There were many new people there today that are new to this scene, so I wanted to point them to the free HDR Tutorial here on the site.

I understand that CBS and NBC were there covering the event. I know I saw a camera from CBS out on 6th Street. If any of you can find footage, feel free to post it below. Thanks again to everyone that came — I hope you had fun!

The Capitol on the Night of the Austin PhotoWalk

  • Now this is a great photo! It’s amazing how detailed and well-lit the dome of the capital appears!

    Did you use a different post-processing technique here? It seems like this isn’t an HDR photo based on the deep shadows that I see, but I am not totally sure.

  • Indibang

    Great shot, Trey.

  • Very cool! Sounds like an awesome event. I can’t wait to be back in Austin to come to things like this. Are you guys planning more?

  • Beautiful colours of the evening sky. Contrasts beautifully with the well lit lawns.

  • Nigel

    Very envious of all you who managed to get to this event. Living the otherside of the Atlantic it was a little difficult for me, but a big fan and enjoying all the pictures on Flickr.
    Maybe you’ll need to do a follow up walk in the UK.
    Any plans to come to London soon Trey ??

  • Thanks again Trey. My wife and I learned new tips and got a great workout too. The drinks at the Driskill were so nice and COLD. Just what we needed in 100 degree heat.

  • Wow, Trey, you had a great turn out for your walk. That had to be so exciting for you!!!! I looked at the facebook event page and some really nice photos on there. The picture above is very beautiful. Love the different colors you captured!!!! Congrats on a successful photo walk!!! Wish I could send you some of this rain we are getting!!! Have a great weekend.

  • Great shot! I really enjoyed it… now let’s do it again when it’s cooler 🙂

  • Wow…. thats a different angle.

  • casusan

    Beautiful shot Trey! Congrats too on the photowalk – sounds super successful!

  • Thanks everyone!

    Sorry I could not get around to meet everyone – my apologies. I’m glad you all came out though… it was very hot! We’ll do it again another evening when it is cooler!

  • I can’t believe I missed this. It looks like it went well, so hopefully there will be another in the near future.

  • Simple and beautiful Trey, the getting the pic part is probably the most important and what a fine example of finding a nice one!!


  • Angela Moore

    I am so jealous of you. You’re doing everything I want to. And your photography is amazing. You’re my inspiration! :p Seriously, though. All the while I was in Europe. I’d see a shot, and go… damn! I could totally see this on his website.

    Exceptional work. Keep it up. I know you will. [: haha

  • Thanks for setting this up, Trey! I appreciated the time spent setting this up, and enjoyed meeting lots of other fanatics enthusiasts that made the trip to Austin from places far and near.

    Of course, the next question is – – when is the next one?

  • Can’t thank you enough, Trey! And thank you for taking the time to talk with me. It meant more than you know. Can’t wait til the next walk. May a San Antonio Riverwalk Walk would be nice. ;o) Wink wink

  • John

    Thanks for creating me a good excuse to get out and take pictures around the capitol.

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