Glacier National Park is Number One!

I received some cool news today. One of my photos of Glacier National Park has showed up in the #1 spot of the Huffington Post for a story they did on the Top Ten Best National Parks You Don’t Know About. That’s another good reason to keep your images under the “Creative Commons” license; people end up using the photo for interesting stories like this. I know not all photographers agree with me – that’s okay.

The first one is the photo from the article. The others beneath it are some of my other favorites from the park. The second one is Ethan, standing on the edge of the “Going To the Sun Road”. Isn’t that a cool name for a road?

We’ll make a final announcement for the PhotoWalk on tomorrow’s post. I understand that I’ll be on the Austin ABC midday news on Thursday to talk about HDR Photography and the like. I’ll get you more details when I have ’em!

A Perfect Morning at Glacier National Park

Ethan, Free as a Bird, Living Life on the Edge

The River's Cool Morning Spray on my Lens

Puzzling Over Beauty

  • Luis Martich

    Troy, great vivid colors on the third photo … Glad you will be visiting Las Vegas in a couple of weeks. I saw a comment by Cameron Grant who lives in Las Vegas as well. I would love to join both of you for some shooting here in LV … also if you can give Cameron my email, maybe I can join him when he shoots here in Las Vegas. It could be great to exchange ideas on HDR. Hopefully he will read this.

  • Stunning reflections Trey!… beautiful as ever..

  • Congratulations on the Huffington Post spot! It just goes to show you that when you give a little, you get a lot back! These photographs are just stunning, thank you so much for sharing them!

  • Thanks!

    Actually I just posted a comment over there on another story. They used one of my images without giving credit… That’s against the rules of Creative Commons. We’ll see if they correct it.

  • Trey – if you can stay a few minutes after your interview tomorrow, I’ll be happy to give you a quick behind-the-scenes tour here at the station. Bring your camera, if you’d like – there are some cool shots in the control room. Regards, Ed

  • casusan

    Congrats Trey! You so deserve it! These are all beautiful!

  • Luis Martich

    Trey …. MY APOLOGIES for misspelling your name in my previous post …. it was too late last night when I wrote it and my tired eyes didn’t catch it. Sorry about that.

  • Man, that shot of the river made me just sit back and stare at the screen. At first it just screams at you with the light rays and raging river, but all the subtly you put into comes through after some studying. Just awesome.

  • Thanks all.

    Luis – no problem on the name spelling… I’m not one of those people that gets bothered by such trifles.

    Marshall – thanks – very nice of you to say it like that.

    Ed – Sounds fun – I’ll bring Bessie (the name of my big camera (and the name of my mother-in-law)).

  • First time i am visiting this site. really enjoyed your contents! cheers!

  • lucky henry

    Have you been doing much drawing lately? It’s been awhile since you’ve posted any.

  • Joshi – thanks!

    Lucky – No – have not had a lot of time… the book has sucked up a lot of my free time! I wanted to make sure I filled it with quality stuff, so I’ve been giving it some extra time.

  • Wow, I am posting late tonight. Busy long day, did a 500 mile trek to Great Falls and back. And our fire is growing, now more than 200 acres. Anyway, what great news, Trey!!!! Congratulations. Glacier Park is such a beautiful and magnificent place!!! Been there three time, want to go again. Love all of your pictures on this post!!! Great job and well deserved reward, even if it isn’t of monetary value.

  • oops, our fire is more than 2000 acres, should have proof-read, lol!!

  • Facebook User

    I just love your photos!

  • wow that is freaking unreal. I am still confused on the creative commons licensing. Although I should probably understand it by now. I really want to move towards it. I think it’s the credit that confuses me. Do they have to provide a link to you’re site or just your name as a credit? A google alert would probably catch one or the other I guess. I’ll have to research understanding it a bit more. But I definitely want to contribute and help others with my photography as well. You’re an inspiration.

  • These photos are magnificent. It’s almost unbelievable someone can accomplish this with a camera. I have much to learn.

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