The hallway to the bar after a bad night in Vegas

There is an amazing hallway that connects the The Hotel at Mandalay Bay with the rest of the casino. It’s long and at its end is a cool bar, which is a welcome respite no matter what kind of night you had in Vegas. Actually, I wouldn’t really know since I don’t drink… but, I do like to hang out in them, drink tomato juice, and process photos on my latptop. Yes, this is lame, I know.

I’ll be going to Vegas again in two weekends. I’ve got a list of places I want to visit with the camera… any suggestions?

The hallway to the bar after a bad night in Vegas

  • Another awesome capture trey!

  • nice…. did u use the tripod or just hand-held.. thanks

  • Thanks!

    Arup – I used a tripod here.

  • apopagasm

    love the colors (:

  • Cameron Grant

    Hi Trey, I’m one of your disciples and got into HDR because of you last year so it’s all your fault. I live in Vegas, I shoot in Vegas and out in the desert. I know many secret spots both here in town and out on our public lands that normal people never shoot at. I would be honored to show you some of these and perhaps buy you lunch while you’re here.

    Peter Lik and you are a huge part of why I’m doing what I do with my photography.

    Open invite! C.

    P.S. I work about 50 feet to the right of where you shot this!

  • If you want some nature shots in the Vegas area, Red Rock and Mt. Charleston are popular places. If you want some off-the-beaten-path interesting, there’s “The Boneyard” where they put all the “retired” Las Vegas signs from demolished hotels and casinos. Then there’s always downtown Las Vegas and the Fremont Street area for an interesting meld of old-timey Vegas with a modern twist. Everything depends on what you’re looking for, both atmosphere and subject-wise.

  • Mike Diblicek

    Hi Trey,

    Outstanding photo, beautiful colours.
    More Interiors.

    All the best


  • Yes, check out the Bellagio in Vegas. Taking one exposure of the water show, or multiple add-together type exposure, and then doing HDR on the background. I tried it but it didnt come out right. I think your technique and skill would really shine at doing something like that.

  • Neat picture, Trey. Hey, you don’t have to drink to have fun 😉 Would you do me a big favor if you have time? Send me the name of the Vegas hotel that has the aquarium you took photos of via facebook, please. We are going there in October and I don’t want to miss that. Plus made an online friend that lives there and she is sending me some coupons, how nice is that!! I had just met her, too. Thanks so much.

  • Cameron – thanks for the note – I got your email with your phone num too – thx.

    Mike – thanks!

    Taylor – I will try to get a good shot… Those are challenging places for sure… I’ve been thinking about those a lot.

    Gail – that is the aquarium at Mandalay bay – it’s very nice!

  • A 14-year Vegas vet here. In addition to the above suggestions, check out Valley of Fire State Park. It’s about an hour north of town and you can also get some good shots of the chipmunks that live around the rest areas.

    You might also get a kick out of the bronze statues in the Green Valley neighborhood of nearby Henderson. Most are along Green Valley Pkwy and the city regularly rotates them. There’s a fixed one in front of the Green Valley Library at Green Valley Pkwy and Sunset Rd.

  • Gail

    Thanks so much, Trey!!!!!!!!!! Hope we get a chance to go there while at my hubby’s Air Force Base reunion!!!!!!

  • casusan

    Wow! Beautiful hallway – love the vibrant color!

  • Anne

    The Bellagio. Ceiling of check-in area is all Chihuly glass. It’s mind blowing. And the conservatory is like Wonderland in Vegas.
    Or there’s always the Liberace museum.

  • Ok, now I want to go back to Vegas!!! Who’s in??

  • Abby K

    I spent half my Vegas trip in Death Valley driving around on the unpaved roads. The Racetrack Playa at sunset is marvelous! (about a 5 hour drive away, high-clearance vehicle recommended.)

  • Try the ghost bar in the Palms!

  • Luis Martich

    Hi Troy, Glad you will be visiting Las Vegas. I saw a comment by Cameron Grant who lives in Las Vegas as well. I would love to join both of you … also it you can give Cameron my email, maybe I can join him when he shoots here in Las Vegas.

  • A former 5-year resident of Vegas says leave the strip for a while. It’s like only going the French Quarter and saying you saw New Orleans.

    Recommended Sin City sights and places:

    The crazed home of former Lt. Governor brain surgeon Lonnie Hammargren (invite only, work your contacts)
    The Pinball Hall of Fame – labor of love with an 80-year collection of mechanical games.
    Frankies Tiki Room – Specialty drinks with custom-made mugs in a cozy tiki wonderland
    The Neon Graveyard – home to lost treasures of the golden age of gambling. Also, the salvaged foyer of the lovely La Concha Inn now resides there.
    Freemont Street – even more tacky and garish then memory served last time I visited.
    The outer perimeter of the city – take in the whole of the city and see the Vegas Valley filled with street twinkling in the night air.
    Dino’s Bar – On the strip, but a local attraction. The neon is great and the patrons are better.

  • Power to the no-drinkers!

  • Just came across your site and noticed you asking about cool shots in Vegas. I snapped the picture below in 2008 from The Venetian. (hopefully that link will work – let me know if not)

    Keep in mind I’m a total amateur and it was a spur-of-the-moment thing, but I thought it was a pretty decent angle and the colors were alright. Too bad I couldn’t get the tower in the frame fully.

  • These are some great suggestions – – thanks so much!

  • I absolutely love this pic – just beautiful! Just to let you know that I have made a post about this pic (with a link back to your site, of course) from my new beauty blog (where I write about all those things I find beautiful, from chess to dogs to Dawson’s Creek…!) at – hope that’s OK!

  • Aakin

    I’m new in Vegas… just moved here a few months ago, but I’d second the Valley of Fire recommendation. Here’s a sample of an image I took there:–7287-hdr.jpg. I haven’t quite mastered getting rid of the dark sky areas in the HDR images I take, but I’m pretty pleased with how that one came out overall.

    If you’re doing a social photo walk or something like that in Vegas, I’d be very interested in coming along as well.

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