The Inner Membrane of the Crimson Lounge

This is another shot of one of the coolest lounges in the world. It’s called the Crimson Lounge in downtown Chicago. It has incredible textures and lights inside that are very hard to capture unless you use this HDR technique. At least, that’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it.

Now, if you really want to see the details, I will explain how to see the huge size. I sometimes expect people know how to do this, but many do not, so I am happy to explain. 1) Click on the photo, and that will go to the Flickr page. 2) Click on ALL SIZES+ above the photo. 3) Click on ORIGINAL. That will show the huge version… the only problem is it probably won’t fit on your monitor! You can do that with all the photos I upload… I like putting the huge ones on there for people to enjoy, use as personal wallpaper on their computers, other non-commercial purposes, etc.

The Inner Membrane

  • nice shot. hit me again, barkeep! did anyone else notice the velvet rope looks like its kinda been textured with the patterns on the glass? ( it’s not ) The bottles on the shelves look so cool. I think there’s a tipping point where the photo elements sort of blend into the gestalt. If you look at the bottles in the large version ( great tip, Trey ) they’re almost unremarkable but have a nice individual snap to them only when the whole picture is visable at once.

  • Love this shot, the textures on the wall are amazing! I really appreciate you putting up the original sizes, I made a wallpaper out of the the two chairs near the ocean and love it!

  • Nice photo, Trey. The lounge looks warm and inviting!! Beautiful colors. Wonder if my niece has been there, will have to ask her on facebook. You find the most wonderful places to photograph!!! Thanks for sharing, once again. Have a great day where ever you may be 😉

  • You never cease to amaze me with your vision, Trey.
    This one is ultra-surreal. The wine bottles came up incredible, dreamlike.
    The pattern at the center has my jaw at the floor right now.

  • Amazing! I really like how you can see the reflections of the paintings. I didn’t notice them until I looked at the original version and now looking at the large one it all comes together. Beautiful!

  • casusan

    Wow! What a cool place! Makes you want to go and stay there!

  • thanks all 🙂

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